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The main goal of agrochemical product traceability is to ensure that the burden of pesticide residue of nutrients that directly affect human health remains within the limits set by various legislators. Because the impact of improper use of agrochemical products on public health is too great to be underestimated. Moreover, agrochemical product traceability aims to find solutions to issues such as prevention of counterfeiting, unfair competition, and economic destruction for farmers.

The life cycle from production to the field is followed by applying serialization and aggregation to the packages of agrochemical products. In 2016, this implementation started to be implemented for the first time in the world by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Turkey under the name of Plant Protection Products Tracking System. The life cycle of all plant protection products produced in Turkey can be traced. The member countries of the European Union are working to ensure traceability for plant protection products using the ECPA-supported standard called CRISTAL.

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Equipment used in environments where agrochemicals are produced must be manufactured with special components due to corrosive and hazardous chemical conditions. VISIOTT, with its experience in the plant protection products industry, ensures that the equipment it designs is durable and long-lasting, keeping production efficiency at the highest level.

VISIOTT plant protection products tracking system provides innovative data matrix and aggregation solutions for your projects. With integrations to your existing liquid and solid product labeling lines, we can easily perform the serialization operation of agrochemical products. Besides, you can add our patented aggregation station with only 1-meter addition to your production line, so that you can perform your case and pallet aggregations.

We guarantee the success of factory-level traceability operations from production to storage with VISIOTT Level 3 Plant Manager software. You can examine our serialization and aggregation solutions and contact us for information.

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