Cosmetics Traceability Solutions

Cosmetics and personal care products are applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or changing appearance. Having a wide range of products, cosmetics are directly related to the health sector. That is why nobody is willing to be harmed by a cosmetic product that is expected to be beneficial. With the increase in the cosmetics trade, the rate of counterfeit products in the market has also increased. In recent years, cosmetic safety has been put at risk for this reason. Increasing counterfeiting not only harms human health but also damages cosmetic safety and accordingly brand reliability. The imitation of a make-up product that has been produced right after the original product has been promoted, shows the seriousness of how the counterfeiting proceeds. According to data from Statista, the global cosmetics market grew until 2020, but by 2020 it shrank by 8% compared to the previous year. Through this, data it can be concluded that the cosmetics market can be damaged sharply from an unregistered cosmetic product. The cosmetic product track and trace solutions can help the effective use of the governments’ control mechanisms as well as eliminate the problems such as endangering cosmetics safety in the supply chain.

Cosmetics Safety

The cosmetics traceability is as important as pharmaceutical traceability and food traceability, as it will increase cosmetic safety and consequently reduce the risk of creating health hazards. The preservation of the raw material quality of cosmetic products that use natural and chemical components in their production can be achieved with the cosmetic product track and trace solution. The cosmetics traceability system also facilitates consumer access to product details and recycling operations. The establishment of a reliable, transparent, and strong supply chain can be achieved by using a cosmetic product track and trace solution. Briefly, growing “healthy life” and “digitalization” trends prompt companies to use a cosmetics traceability system. Authorities are also working on legal regulations related to traceability due to the informal economy and other reasons.

Cosmetic products with a wide product range and variety are generally products that should be accurate in weight. Products that are missing by weight or milliliters will damage the reputation of the company and may also lead to sanctions by the authorities because of the damage it causes to cosmetics safety. As well as the damage caused by incomplete refills to the consumer purse, the manufacturer’s cash box also suffers from overfilling. Checkweigher should be used to be able to produce within the specified value ranges. In addition, vision inspection systems can be used for cosmetics with multiple packaging components and level control. In addition, vision inspection systems can be used for cosmetic products with multiple packaging components.


The Global Cosmetics Traceability Regulatory Applications

United States of America - VCRP

While the cosmetic product can be perceived differently even among people, the difference in understanding between states is natural. A product, which is considered cosmetic according to one regulation, may be considered a pharmaceutical product for another regulation. Some products are even described as both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in the relevant regulation. By the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), the US has defined cosmetic products. Again, while some countries have made it mandatory for companies to use cosmetics traceability solutions, there are recommendations and guidance in other countries to ensure cosmetics safety. The United States has made cosmetic product registration optional but strongly recommended. 

Although companies in the USA are not required to register in the cosmetics traceability system, they are obliged to obtain certification from FDA laboratories for additives of products containing color and additives to provide cosmetics safety. Cosmetics reliability and cosmetics safety must be provided and proven by the company.

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) developed the Voluntary Cosmetic Registry Program (VCRP) as a cosmetics traceability system. With the Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program, companies help the FDA to collect data on cosmetic products. Through notifications, the FDA obtains consistent information on cosmetic product content, usage intervals, and logistics status.

The European Union has made the regulation numbered 1223/2009 for cosmetic products to be included in the common market of the union. In the law, important information such as cosmetic product definition, notification and responsibilities are detailed. Traceability is recommended in the regulation. However, following the regulation, cosmetics to be included in the European Union supply chain must be registered on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). The Responsible Person (RP) of the companies who will make the notifications should keep the information file about each product for ten years from the date the last batch of the product is put on the market. The European Union, which uses the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal as a cosmetics traceability system, has made it mandatory to notify products containing nanomaterials six months before they are put on the market. Notification of the same products imported by different companies is the responsibility of each company. Portal stakeholders are the companies, the competent authorities, and health centers of the member states. Cosmetics traceability takes place between stakeholders.

The Republic of Turkey has the Product Tracking System (ÜTS) controlled by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) as a cosmetics traceability system. Through ÜTS, which was opened for use by cosmetic companies as of March 2, 2016 company registration, user transactions and cosmetic product notification processes are carried out.

Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency has provided information about what should be included in the package and traceability in the guide content it has published:

“ARTICLE 5 – (14) Including one of the identifying information about the production of the product, such as production code/serial/charge/batch/production/batch/lot numbers, is important for the traceability of the cosmetic product and must be on the cosmetic product.”

With the Product Tracking System, it is aimed to trace the cosmetic products produced and imported in Turkey. What can be done with the system:

  • Cosmetic product registration
  • Tracking and recall processes
  • Inquiry by citizens
  • Reporting operations.

VISIOTT TPS is a technology company that has experience in the field of traceability and develops solutions in accordance with the requirements of authorities and companies. It is your solution provider for cosmetics traceability systems as well as pharmaceutical, food and a wide variety of industries. VISIOTT TPS  studies the USA, EU, Turkey, Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, India, Malaysia and many other countries’ standards. Thanks to our software and hardware for cosmetics safety, you can perform serialization, aggregation and notification operations in accordance with regulations. With our high-speed automatic checkweighers that will add efficiency to your production operations, you can make precise measurements within the specified value ranges. You can control the packaging components with VISIOTT TPS vision inspection systems. Our software at Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 enables you to perform your process management and notifications. Offering innovative solutions in line with your needs, VISIOTT TPS is always with you with its support team. You can view our automatic checkweighers and solutions developed for your serialization and aggregation processes below. You can click here for more detailed information.








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