Vision Inspection Module for Pharma

Simple mistakes in pharmaceutical production can cause serious damages that will deeply affect human health. That is why the track and trace process through quality control is crucial for the processes from product manufacture to patient treatment. Quality control in the pharmaceutical industry ensures that all processes from the production of the pharmaceutical to the distribution are in compliance with the procedures. VISIOTT TPS Vision Inspection Module systems automatically control the accuracy of many processes from production to packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, evaluations made with these systems provide scoring of the efficiency of production processes and total quality.

VISIOTT TPS Vision Inspection Module VIS-100 is capable of meeting the requirements of all operational and quality control processes of the pharmaceutical industry. It can be easily integrated into all operations through special components considering industry requirements. The VIS-100 module is capable of performing the following quality control inspections for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Pharmacode control on cartons, labels, package inserts, films and cases.
  • Text inspection with OCR/OCV for lettering and embossing.
  • Detection of missing components in blisters, cartons and cases.
  • Performing level and open cover checks in liquid lines.

You can check the distinctive features of the VISIOTT TPS Vision Inspection Module under the following headings;

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    Camera and Sensor Independent Design

    The VIS-100 module is designed to be compatible with many pharma code analyzers and cameras used in the industry. Our experts will analyze your requirements and provide you with the best possible solution set.

    Basic Integration with All Systems

    Our systems, which can be easily shaped due to the requirements, can be easily integrated with all machines. In cases where universal connectors cannot be used, our engineers design specific parts specific to the application.


    Shift Register Support for Rejecting

    Vision Inspection Module can send reject signals to your machine’s PLC module. The signal, which is processed by the PLC, is combined with the shift register and sent to the reject box of the machine.

    Special Lighting for Different Surfaces

    Shiny and reflective surfaces are not suitable for vision inspection applications. However, with the innovative solutions of VISIOTT TPS, vision inspection application is made possible for shiny or reflective surface materials and vision deformations caused by shiny and reflective surfaces are eliminated with special lighting equipment.

    Customizable Validation Documents

    Validation documents prepared by experts within the framework of GMP, GAMP 5 and 21 CFR Part 11 are integrated into the quality control system within the scope of projects, without third parties.


    Full Audit Trail

    Traceability of the quality control system is ensured by registering the entire quality control process, settings, variables and operating conditions.


    All parameters, status and performance of the Vision Inspection Module can be monitored and controlled from a single point with the VISIOTT TPS Plant Manager (Level 3) software.


    You can contact our expert sales engineers for detailed information about the high-tech VIS-100 Vision Inspection Module for Pharma.

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