Innovation and restlessness is the fuel of improvement in VISIOTT Traceable Packaging Solutions. Our software engineers always work to create one step forward, with ambition and confidence. Change and development ideals combined with ability and intelligence provides the furthest point in software technologies in VISIOTT TPS. 
The Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 not only provides hardware control on your production lines, but also provides advanced solutions for communication, reporting, ERP integrations and notification to authorities. 
VISIOTT’s powerful software systems shape the future needs with they offer today.

VISIOTT TPS | Transcend the Limits of Reality

VISIOTT TPS Line Manager (Level 2) is capable of real-time control and communication with many hardware for serialization and aggregation operations. Its easy-to-configure architecture allows you to easily add new hardware. The software does not need a Plant Manager (Level 3) data source to continue the operation but is designed to report its results to The Plant Manager Software very quickly.

The design allows the most efficient use of network resources. You can easily manage all traceability processes of the station on which it is installed with this software.

Line Manager Software L2

VISIOTT TPS Plant Manager (Level 3) is an innovative software system that manages all traceability operations on a single screen. The main function of VISIOTT TPS Plant Manager (Level 3) is to assign work orders to the lines with the information it receives from any EPCIS server or Level 4 solution and to store serialization and aggregation data when the work order is finished.

Plant Manager Software L3

The main function of VISIOTT TPS Enterprise Manager (Level 4) software is to generate and manage single-use serial numbers for traceability processes. All production, storage, and shipment facilities that are connected to the enterprise are defined in the software. It generates the unique serial numbers required for production. The facilities use generated unique codes, the codes processed at Level 2 and Level 3 are sent back again to Level 4 software. Level 4 software receives operation information and determines used and unused codes. It stores unused codes so that they can be passed on to other operations. VISIOTT Enterprise Manager (Level 4) also functions as a bridge by sharing the operational information obtained from Level 3 with Level 5, which is the authority level.

Enterprise Manager Software L4 Banner