OCR/OCV Vision Inspection Systems

Manufacturers using traceability systems print some information on packaging to inform the end-user, comply with legal regulations, and recall and product tracking operations. Identification of this information printed on product packaging with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and verification with OCV (Optical Character Verification) is vital for the traceable supply chain.

Incorrect or incomplete information on packaging will undermine brand safety, as well as cause companies to suffer significant financial losses. As VISIOTT TPS, we use OCR / OCV technology at our stations that offer many different solutions within the traceable supply chain to avoid this situation.

Although OCR and OCV are usually similar, there is a significant difference between them. OCR technology compares the model of the printed alphanumeric character with the pattern of each character in the database. OCV, on the other hand, receives preliminary information about what the specific alphanumeric model is and checks whether the current character is complete.

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There are a number of special rules for OCR/OCV technologies. A typical character should cover an area in a 20-25 px * 20-25 px layout, while the space between characters should be two pixels. However, the bold font, and the high color contrast between the print and the ground on which it is printed help the printed characters to be easily recognized and verified. Projects using an illumination system whose requirements have been accurately analyzed and designed will undoubtedly make a difference in ensuring customer satisfaction and brand reliability by performing higher-quality OCR / OCV analysis.

Some characters may be missing or defective due to deletion, misprinting, or usage. Products that are not verified in the systems in which they are used must leave the line without disrupting the flow.

As VISIOTT TPS, we provide high-level solutions for vision inspection technologies in traceability systems that we offer to different industries. Please contact us for more detailed information about OCR/OCV Technologies.


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