Presence/Absence Controls by Vision Inspection

One of the implementation areas of vision inspection technologies is presence/absence controls. Presence and absence control is an important stage of production for error-free and complete product delivery to the consumer. As part of the control, determinations are made about the product, such as the absence and presence of the label on the product, the products in the package, and the packaging components.

Manufacturers may remain undecided in the choice of technology for these controls. Unlike other control systems, presence/absence controls can also detect whether the components in the packaging are properly combined or not, or minor errors in the components.


Presence-Absence Control

These systems control the presence of missing or deformed products in the blister or package and the presence of missing parts of products with more than one part. The presence of missing or deformed products in the packaging will damage user satisfaction, as well as offering unsuitable products for sale negatively affects the reliability of the company. However, the level determinations of products in liquid form may also be within the scope of control. A control system suitable for transparent or amber bottles can easily identify products with a different filling level than normal. The system, which also provides the presence control of the product label containing information about the product content, usage, and warnings for the consumer, removes the products without labels from the line with the rejection mechanism.

You can ensure that your production is error-free with VISIOTT  TPS Vision Inspection technologies, that provide software and hardware solutions for traceable supply chains. You can contact our expert team for detailed information.

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