First Pharmaceutical Traceability Project in Kazakhstan

First Pharmaceutical Traceability Project in Kazakhstan


Firm: Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm (AIGP)
Location: Almaty / Kazakhstan
Industry: Pharma

Abdi Ibrahim is a global corporation whose vision is to work passionately to enhance the lives of those it touches through creative goods and services and bold and pioneering activities. Founded in 2012, the company employs over 300 people and delivers services. Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm (AIGP) was subsequently launched in Kazakhstan.

Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm, like all stakeholders in Kazakhstan’s pharmaceutical industry, was required to meet traceability criteria. With their VISIOTT solutions, they would be the first company in Kazakhstan to satisfy the serialization standards. Following the negotiations, the plan’s needs and necessary actions were determined.

Iss-100 With Products

Ergonomic and Cost-Effective Solution of Serialization

The Carton Serialization Station ISS-100, which is usually used for the serialization process due to its fit for purpose and ergonomic design, was also the perfect answer for Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm. The ISS-100, which is compliant with all worldwide standards such as GMP, GAMP 5, and 21 CFR Part 11, would easily carry out the serialization phase, which is one of Kazakhstan’s traceability requirements.

The ISS-100 successfully applied a particular datamatrix termed the crypto code requested by Kazakhtelecom, the Kazakhstan drug traceability operator, in drug serialization to the package. The ISS-100, which can apply 2D code to up to 400 goods per minute, became an acceptable solution for Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm by doing the following:

  • Implementation of crypto code and human-readable information
  • Verification of crypto code and readable information with OCR/OCV
  • The departure of the products with the wrong code from the line

Automatic Aggregation to Manual Packing

Combining the packaging and aggregation steps has benefits for businesses with manual packaging processes. The Semi-Automatic Aggregation Station SMAS-100, built with the aggregate needs of manual box manufacturers in mind, performs the aggregation process by using data from serialized products in more than one layer of the box.

SMAS-100 was tested by VISIOTT personnel and accepted its place in the production process, providing a perfect solution to Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm’s aggregation needs. Operators at Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm benefited greatly from SMAS-100’s ability to automatically modify its position for serialized product layers of various heights.


Simple Management and Advanced Software

The VISIOTT Plant Manager (Level 3) solution, was used to manage the solutions created specifically for Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm, as well as the tracking of traceability data. Work order assignment and data traceability storage were initiated using the VISIOTT Plant Manager with SAP connectivity.

When managing master data and BOM, VISIOTT Plant Manager also notifies the Information System for Marking and Traceability od Goods (ISMET) of the Products. VISIOTT Plant Manager, which is EPCIS and FEEM compatible, can track serial number life cycles.

Plant Manager Software
Mms-100 Picking Station

Practical Processes with Modular and Mobile Design

Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm, which sells approximately two billion pharmaceuticals to Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Georgia each year, needed to standardize its process intensity. Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm made the best decision by selecting the Manual Multifunctional Station MMS-100, which was created for the digital-based control of production, shipping, and warehouse activities.

The journey, which began in February 2022, was concluded in May 2022 when Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm completed the final step of the pilot project at its production plant in Kazakhstan. In this little period, VISIOTT accomplished the project’s preparation, production, FAT and SAT stages, and system operationalization.

VISIOTT designs need-oriented projects in accordance with customer specifications and implements them as fast as feasible for Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm using an all-in-one philosophy. It offers functional and affordable software-hardware solutions. VISIOTT not only provides traceability solutions and software services, but it also distinguishes itself for its support and service.

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