Explosive Traceability Solutions

VISIOTT TPS has developed efficient and sustainable explosive tracking systems for the commercial explosives industry. These solutions enable serialization and aggregation in production, storage, and shipping procedures. Solutions offered by VISIOTT TPS for commercial explosives are in compliance with international standards and all traceability regulations of relevant official institutions.

Commercial explosives must take their place in the supply chain by ensuring their safety throughout production, shipment, storage, and even sales processes. Surely, these sensitive safety conditions must also be preserved in serialization and aggregation operations. VISIOTT TPS’s specially produced solutions for explosive traceability systems are designed by following the industry’s ATEX and EX-Proof standards in serialization and aggregation processes.

Explosive Traceability Solutions

CAP and BOOSTER Sensitive Type Explosives

In the production and storage conditions of these types of explosives, there are pollution, high temperature, explosion risk, and chemical weathering. You can perform high-efficiency serialization and aggregation operations for your products with our innovative hardware designs. In serialization operations, we can also implement invisible code, like visible code. VISIOTT has many designs for conventional or continuous production lines.

ANFO Type Explosives

ANFO type explosives are easier to manufacture, store and ship compared to other explosive products. However, many sensitive points need to be considered when dealing with explosive traceability operations for this product. Especially in scenarios such as the transformation of the operation from production to direct sales, very good planning is required. VISIOTT TPS has cost-effective manual or automatic solutions for your serialization and aggregation operations.

DETONATOR Type Explosives

ATEX and Ex-Proof standards are followed at the highest level in equipment designed for serialization and aggregation operations of these products. Faulty conceptual designs for these products, which have a high level of explosion risk, can cause serious disasters. VISIOTT TPS has more than 10 safe, efficient and sustainable designs for use in the serialization and aggregation operations of detonator type explosives. Designs can be arranged according to your needs.

Our software, which provides the functionality of our designs, is produced in-house.VISIOTT TPS Line Manager software is used for serialization and aggregation, and VISIOTT TPS Plant Manager software is used for explosive traceability processes.


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