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VISIOTT TPS offers customer-oriented products that go beyond regulatory compliance. VISIOTT TPS’s products increase the transparency of your supply chain and improve your control over your product flow from the manufacturing facility to the consumption point. Increase in supply chain transparency guarantees the increase in the product’s authenticity and protection of your brand. Moreover, our systems make your products counterfeit-proof and enhance the safety of your customers.

Serialization is the first step towards the traceability of your products. Serialization is assigning a unique serial number to each product and applying this number to the packaging with various methods such as the most used sustainable method 2D code. VISIOTT TPS provides highly reliable and flexible solutions compliant with countries’ present regulations, and also guarantee compliance with any changes in the future.

VISIOTT TPS’s diverse portfolio of serialization systems includes standard solutions, customer-oriented solutions, and integration solutions for your current packaging machines. Along with the hardware solutions, VISIOTT TPS offers you the best software solutions that seamlessly perform serialization operations, and securely share the track and trace data with concerned regulatory authorities. We understand the value and importance of your business, so our team of experts provides 24/7 international technical services for the smooth running of your operations.

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Aggregation is building the parent-child hierarchy between the serialized product and its carrier unit (bundle, case, pallet). So aggregation is the next step of traceability after serialization. Over the years, VISIOTT TPS has developed high-performance hardware and software solutions to meet the requirements of its clients. VISIOTT TPS’s reliable aggregation solutions consist of standard solutions, customer-oriented solutions, and integration solutions for your current packaging machines. Other than equipping your production lines with effective and efficient solutions, VISIOTT TPS provides the best after-sales service for the smooth running of your production lines.

VISIOTT TPS’s innovative and high-quality aggregation solutions comply with all the global regulations such as DSCSA, MDLP, NDOH, ITS, SFDA, and EPTTS. 

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VISIOTT TPS’s highly reliable and efficient software solutions are developed in-house. Our easy-to-use Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 solutions fulfill the requirements of all the traceability regulations around the world such as DSCSA, EU-FMD, Chestny ZNAK, ITS, ANVISA, EPTTS, and SFDA.

With our software solutions, developed by adhering to the ANSI ISA 95 standard, you can achieve maximum data integrity and efficiency using minimum hardware resources. VISIOTT TPS has already integrated its flexible software into more than 50 widely used ERP, MES, and Level 4 software solutions. Thanks to its customizable structure, it can be easily integrated into other systems.

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Checkweigher systems check/control the weight of your products in the production line. VISIOTT TPS develops innovative checkweigher systems that are highly precise and accurate. Our high-quality checkweighing solutions ensure the quality of your production by automatically rejecting the products outside the defined weight range.

For industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food, VISIOTT TPS’s checkweigher system verifies the completeness of the product and ensures that underfilled or overfilled products are removed before reaching the customer. Any considerable differences between the claimed weight and actual weight will lead to product recalls and surely cause damage to the company’s reputation and brand. Sometimes, it might also result in unfortunate outcomes for the consumer. VISIOTT TPS’s proven checkweighing solutions help you avoid catastrophic consequences for your brand and your consumer.

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VISIOTT TPS offers customer-oriented turnkey vision inspection solutions for automatic quality control of packaging safety and suitability, label presence and position, print quality, and data verification. Our high-quality solutions automatically detect errors and irregularities on products and remove these products from the production line. These errors can vary from as simple as a printing error to as sensitive as a wrong packaging.

Our innovative vision inspection solutions assure the highest standards for the quality of your products and thus ensure the safety of the end-user. VISIOTT TPS develops, designs, and manufactures its solutions with the highest engineering expertise which makes our solutions 99.8% accurate in their performance. Importantly, our solutions comply with all the international regulations and standards related to vision inspection technologies.

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VISIOTT TPS manufactures turntable and accordion conveyors so as to ease the flow of line and accordingly the supply chain.

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