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Industries may have many needs in production, storage and shipping operations. VISIOTT offers solutions to the various needs of businesses by being aware of the requirements. From the section below, you can get information about your requirements of serialization and aggregation processes, traceability software. Also, you can easily access the right product for you.

Serialization can be defined as assigning a unique serial number to each produced product and applying this number on the packaging with various methods. The most used, economical, and sustainable method is to apply the 2D code on the packaging. VISIOTT is always by your side with its serialization solutions as a technology company with a variety of products and industrial knowledge that can add value to your projects.

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Aggregation can be briefly defined as the virtual connection of the serialized carrier unit and the serialized products within it. The most common method for this virtual connection is to create hierarchical data with the parent-child relationship. The aggregation is completed by linking the data to the serialized carrier unit. As VISIOTT, we provide you with our solutions, created with years of experience, for your aggregation processes.

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Checkweigher is an electromechanical system that can measure the weight of products on the production line without stopping the line and automatically reject products with weights outside the specified ranges. Checkweighers designed by VISIOTT are innovative solutions that meet the production requirements of the industry.

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Industries have to manage their operations within a set of standards for serialization and aggregation. Packaging safety, suitability, the processing of informative texts for consumers are some of these standard contents. The use of image processing technologies is a must for production stages in order to improve quality and to meet international criteria. VISIOTT Vision Inspection Technologies provide accuracy control by reading 2D code and labels at high-resolution.

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Production, storage, and shipment stages of companies consist of complex systems and lines. Companies need some ancillary equipment and accessories to regulate and facilitate their operations. VISIOTT manufactures turntable and accordion conveyors considering these requirements and continues to contribute to your project management with the products it has developed.

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Our software, developed considering the needs of all industries that use traceability technologies, complies with international standards. Our Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 level software provide solutions to meet the requirements of the US, EU-FMD, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other countries’ traceability regulations and to make the necessary notifications.

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