VISIOTT TPS Enterprise Manager (Level 4) Software

It is a difficult and error-prone process for global enterprises to direct their facilities manually or with simple programs. Especially for enterprises that manage multiple productions, storage, and shipment facilities, the process is carried out with different software. VISIOTT TPS Enterprise Manager (Level 4) software is developed to eliminate confusion in enterprises’ traceability processes and to ensure professionalism. An error-free, reliable and automatic business management can be performed thanks to the software. The main function of VISIOTT TPS Enterprise Manager (Level 4) software is to generate and manage single-use serial numbers for traceability processes. All facilities (production, storage, shipment) that are connected to the enterprise are defined in the software. It generates unique serial numbers that facilities require for production. The facilities use the generated unique codes and the codes processed at Level 2 and Level 3 are sent back again to Level 4 software. Level 4 software receives this operation information and identifies the used and unused codes. It stores unused codes so that they can be passed on to other operations. VISIOTT TPS Enterprise Manager (Level 4) also functions as a bridge by sharing the operational information obtained from Level 3 with Level 5, which is the authority level.

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VISIOTT TPS Enterprise Manager (Level 4), in which all Level 3 software is actively used in production operations and which can be integrated, works in both inward and outward-oriented organized manner. It performs serial number management of a specific product produced in different locations around the world and notifies the global market and official institutions of the information required for the supply chain.
Lack of professional execution of data management can lead to enterprises becoming dependent on personnel and improper implementation of 2D code. The late detection of errors leads to high financial losses.
The basic principle of traceability is that you can follow the product throughout its life with the integration of Line Manager (Level 2), Plant Manager (Level 3), and Enterprise Manager (Level 4) software. VISIOTT TPS Enterprise Manager (Level 4) can share your data horizontally and vertically between integrations throughout the supply chain. It also provides seamless communication between your facilities and your stakeholders such as manufacturers (CMO), packers (CPO), and logistics (3PL) enterprises. In short, you can manage business processes, identity access management, reporting operations, and corporate-level functions with a functional system.

Key Features for VISIOTT TPS Enterprise Manager (Level 4) Software

  • It can integrate with all software at Level 3 and Level 5.
  • It can notify all production, shipment, storage units.
  • It identifies serial numbers, distinguishes between used and unused in the supply chain.
  • It has the ability to report the data it has provided to the authorities.
  • It can share the audit reports it prepares in different formats (XML, CSV).
  • It supports English, German, Russian and Turkish languages by default.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that can be accessed via any internet browser.
  • It is compatible with all formats in GS1 standards.
  • GAMP 5, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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