Checkweigher is an electromechanical system that can control the weight of products on the production line without stopping the line and automatically reject products with weights outside the specified ranges. Checkweighers designed by VISIOTT are innovative solutions that meet the production requirements of the industry.

For consumers, the weight information on the product packaging must be consistent with the product weight. Any serious difference between the information on the package and the actual weight of the product, or a product produced outside of standard weights, can undermine the reputation of the company, as well as lead to sanctions. The automatic Checkweighers we have produced as VISIOTT are compatible with international standards and can make very accurate measurements. It controls the weight of products between 5 g and 10000 g at a speed of 300(*) cartons/minute with an accuracy of 0.1 g. VISIOTT Checkweighers can work integrated with traceable production processes. Contributing to production operations by increasing line efficiency, Checkweighers are reliable data sources for your weight measurements and serialization processes. You can view our products below and easily access special Checkweighers according to your needs.

* Speed depends on carton size and weight.

In general, pharmaceuticals produced with low weight and containing materials such as prospectus, spoon, pipette in the contents of the carton should be precisely measured
It is very important for consumers that the product weight is consistent with the weight information in the product packaging. Any serious difference between the information on the