Vision Inspection Systems

Industries have to manage their operations within a set of standards for serialization and aggregation. Packaging safety, suitability, the processing of informative texts for consumers are some of these standards. The use of image processing technologies is a must for production stages in order to improve quality and to meet international criteria. VISIOTT Vision Inspection Technologies provides accuracy control by reading 2D code and informative texts at high resolution.

VISIOTT Vision Inspection Technologies transfers 2D code and other information applied on the product with technologies such as laser, CIJ to the system with a high-resolution GigE camera and verifies it with OCR/OCV technology. It performs the transfer operations to the system at high speed by reading codes in motion. Our technology, with 99.8% verification success at a time, can detect visible/invisible codes, perform multiple DataMatrix decoding. You can view our products that comply with the product traceability standards and operations of all industries below.

Simple mistakes in pharmaceutical production can cause serious damages that will deeply affect human health. That is why the track and trace process through the quality control is crucial for the processes from product manufacture to patient treatment. Quality control in the pharmaceutical industry ensures that all processes from the production of the pharmaceutical to the distribution are in compliance with the procedures. Vision Inspection Module systems automatically control the accuracy of many processes from production to packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, evaluations made with these systems provide scoring of the efficiency of production processes and total quality.

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In traceability systems, the identification of the information printed on the product with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and verification with OCV (Optical Character Verification) is very important for the traceable supply chain. Incomplete or incorrect information on product packaging can cause financial damage to companies by undermining brand safety. As VISIOTT, we bring together OCR/OCV technologies with you to avoid these disadvantages.

Vision Inspection Pharmacode

Errors or confusion in product packaging can harm consumer health and also damage the reputation of the company. Pharmacode analysis and verification processes are carried out to avoid errors or confusion that can be made in the packaging. The accuracy of the blister, prospectus, carton, and label can be controlled with pharmacode analysis. VISIOTT offers solutions to your production with its pharmacode verification stations.


There are some solutions for the easy, short-term realization of aggregation and shipment stages. Bulk code reading and decoding using various technologies is a fast process in which even the smallest codes can be read in a wide reading area. You can increase the efficiency in your business management by saving time and labor thanks to bulk code reading. VISIOTT manufactures high-resolution industrial cameras, special illumination systems, and technologies for bulk code reading and analysis using OCR/OCV technology.


Presence/Absence controls for accurate and complete product delivery to consumers are an important stage of production thanks to vision inspection technologies. Presence/Absence controls determine whether the components in the packaging are correctly assembled, whether there are defects in the components. Filling determination of products in liquid form may also be within the scope of control. You ensure that your production is error-free with VISIOTT visual inspection technologies that offer solutions for traceable supply chains.