Semi-Automatic Case Packer with Aggregation

Businesses that use cartons as packaging after serialization and perform packaging operations manually require an extra workforce. Preferring automated systems in operations reduces the workload by accelerating production. You can perform your aggregation and case packing operations with the VISIOTT TPS Semi-Automatic Case Packer, which we specially designed for companies that want to use time and work management efficiently in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. Therefore, although you reduce the number of operators, it is possible to perform fast operations without decreasing the efficiency of the operation.

You can perform your case-pallet aggregation and case-packing operations through a single system with this station. You can easily work with different-sized cases thanks to its easy-to-adjust design. You can perform aggregation with a special illumination system in a 400 × 400 mm monitoring area.

VISIOTT TPS Semi-Automatic Case Packer automatically stacks the ready-to-be-packed serialized products on the line with a servo-motor-controlled push mechanism. The stacked products are placed in the case that the operator puts into the system manually.

The station performs multiple data matrix decoding with high-resolution GigE vision inspection technology after placing the serialized products in the case. The carrier unit label of the products whose hierarchy is established is automatically printed from the printer. Labels scanned by the operator with a handheld scanner are manually applied to the case. You can perform aggregation of more than 300(*)cases per minute following global product traceability regulations (DSCSA, EU-FMD, etc.) with this station.

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Semi Automatic Case Packer With Aggregation
Semi Automatic Case Packer With Aggregation
Semi Automatic Case Packer With Aggregation

VISIOTT TPS Semi-Automatic Case Packer is managed by VISIOTT TPS Line Manager (Level 2). You can manage operational information such as receipt, work order, and master data on the line with this software. The software architecture, which complies with 21 CFR Part 11, allows you to record all operational actions and create audit reports. The VISIOTT TPS Line Manager software can be easily integrated into any Level 3 software within the factory. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Features for Semi-Automatic Case Packer With Aggregation SACP-100

  • It performs more than 300(*)cases per minute of aggregation and case packaging operations.
  • The push mechanism is servo-motor controlled.
  • It can be adjusted for various-sized cases.
  • It has a high-resolution GigE technology camera.
  • It reads data matrix with a 99.5% success rate with its specially designed illumination system.
  • Multiple data matrices are decodes simultaneously in the monitoring area of 400 × 400 mm.
  • It supports case and pallet aggregation.
  • It reads and decodes industry standard 2D codes
  • It has an adjustable touch screen and a user-friendly interface.
  • GMP, GAMP 5 ve 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

(*) Speed depends on case sizes.

Technical Details

Camera Resolution5472 x 3648 px
Voltage / Frequency110 V / 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (WxLxH)1970 x 3100 x 2300 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
ComputerFanless Industrial Computer*
MonitorTouch Screen Industrial Monitor
Reject MechanismPiston or Nozzle (Compressed Air)
Pusher MechanismServo Controlled
Handheld ScannerWireless
GAMP5 ComplianceYes
21 CFR Part 11 ComplianceYes
Customization OptionsYes
**Depends on operational needs.

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