Pharmacode Analysis and Verification

The purpose of the pharmacode, which is often used by the pharmaceutical industry, is to ensure the consistency of packaging and product and to ensure that the product enters the supply chain with the right supporting documents. Errors or confusion in packaging can cause serious damage to consumer health and the reputation of the company. However, companies can be in a difficult situation with financial sanctions. For example, placing a specific pharmaceutical product used in hypertension on the market in a different carton can lead to very serious problems. The manufacturer’s mistake will cause patients to suffer, as well as the inability to treat them. In order to avoid this situation, many companies perform pharmacode analysis and verification procedures. When the pharmaceutical products are packaged, the accuracy of the blister, prospectus, carton, and label can be controlled by pharmacode analysis in the production process.



Laser or camera-based systems are used for pharmacode control in the production of pharmaceutical equipment. These systems segment thick and thin lines and then convert these lines into numerical values using binary arithmetic. Standards should be considered when creating a combination of thick and thin lines for packaging. Increasing or reducing lines by distorting the proportion will cause vision inspection algorithms to produce incorrect results. Moreover, the close design of the area on which the pharmacode is applied with the OCR/OCV areas will allow both reading operations to be performed together.

In conclusion, the same pharmacodes must be applied to each form of the drug, such as carton, aluminium foil, prospectus, and label in order to control that the packaging consists of the correct units. The product with a false pharmacode must be removed from the line with the rejection mechanism by controlling the pharmacode during the production process. In the case of reading pharmacodes with different values in the production line, in-process control must be done and the root cause of the error should be investigated.

As VISIOTT TPS, we have solutions that perform pharmacode verification in the hardware that we have produced for traceability projects. You can contact us for more detailed information.


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