Pharma Serialization Solutions
Pharma Serialization


VISIOTT is your innovative, customer-oriented and reliable solution partner that produces end-to-end track and trace systems for all industries. VISIOTT,  which was established in Turkey, implemented the world’s first successful Pharmaceutical track and trace system, always aims to make a difference with its expert team on traceability and production quality.

The concept of serialization, which began to be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the first time in the world, is regarded as the solution key to the counterfeit product problem in all industries. The experience gained by pharmaceutical companies in traceability systems and the digital transformation motion which has accelerated in recent years makes track and trace even more popular, especially for the agricultural pesticide, explosive, food and cosmetics industries.

For VISIOTT’s cost-effective serialization and aggregation solutions, which will allow you to track your products throughout the life cycle in supply chain, without sacrificing performance and quality;

Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Solutions

Pharmaceutical Track And Trace

Traceability and the fight against counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry can only be possible through a properly fictionalized track and trace process. The first step in designing a correct Pharmaceutical track and trace process is to determine the serialization and aggregation requirements correctly in supply chain.

VISIOTT sales and engineering team is always ready to assist you in determining your needs correctly if you wish. VISIOTT’s sales and engineering team, which has been an expert in Pharmaceutical Track and Trace systems for 15 years, will assist you with pleasure in determining your needs accurately in projects.

Agrochemical Track and Trace Solutions

Agrochemical Serialization

VISIOTT, Agrochemical Track and Trace Solutions, fully meets the serialization and aggregation requirements for traceability of the product in supply chain. VISIOTT successfully completed agrochemical track and trace projects in many companies. We offer you to easily manage the track and trace of agrochemical products.

Explosives Track and Trace Solutions

Commercial Explosive

Commercial explosives have sensitive safety conditions throughout their entire lifecycle in supply chain. These conditions should be preserved in serialization and aggregation operations, just as they are in production, storage, and shipment processes. VISIOTT develops efficient and sustainable explosive tracking systems for the industry.

VISIOTT Track and Trace Solutions For Pharmaceutical Industry

Our track and trace solutions have been both utilized in worldwide and favored in pharmaceutical industry. Below, You can examine our cost-effective, quality and robust products that we have created through continuous hard work.

Semi Automatic Aggregation
Manual Aggregation
Pharmaceutical Tamper Evident Perspective
Carton Serialization

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