About Us

VISIOTT is your close supplier that can produce effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions for track and trace projects of all industries. Realizing the importance of product traceability for consumers and manufacturers with its every aspect, VISIOTT together with its team has successfully completed more than 500 turnkey track and trace projects since 2005. Today, many software and hardware under the VISIOTT brand have been running efficiently in many track and trace projects in the world.

Our History

In 2005, our company, which was established with the title AGE Computer Systems and Automation Activities Co.Ltd., started to develop software and hardware in accordance with the requirements of traceability technologies with its experience gained. VISIOTT has developed specific traceability projects for the pharmaceutical, food, agrochemicals., cosmetics, and explosives industries. VISIOTT, a pioneer in many industries in the field of traceability of products, has played a role as a solution provider in traceability projects of many companies operating in different countries and sectors since 2015 thanks to its experience in Turkey. VISIOTT continues its R&D and production activities with more than 70 employees in its production facility with a closed area of 3000 m2.

Our Vision

VISIOTT aims to provide customer satisfaction by offering high-quality products and services. It adopts as a principle of protection of limited natural resources while providing its products and services and pays attention to occupational safety and health. VISIOTT aims for a reliable, respected, and permanent image for all national and international customers, suppliers, and employees.

Our Mission

VISIOTT’s mission is to create innovative, high-quality, effective, and efficient turnkey solutions for all industries in need of traceability solutions.

VISIOTT uses advanced business analytic techniques to meet customer expectations, enhance project management, and deliver on time. This helps us to provide solutions that can add value to our customers. We continue to create sustainable cost-effective solutions with after-sales support.

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What do we offer you?

As VISIOTT, we offer our technological capabilities and experience in traceability systems, in short, all our expertise that we provide to pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, commercial explosives, agrochemicals, medical devices, and other sectors, in short, all our expertise.

You can perform your operations such as production, shipment, storage following various global pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic product tracking regulations (EU-FMD, DSCSA, ANVISA, Chestny ZNAK, etc.) with our equipment that is easy to use, clean, and maintain, which we have specially designed for you.

You can ensure business management in accordance with the regulations set by international authorities on agrochemicals and food products.

VISIOTT also produces ready-to-use solutions for your explosive product traceability projects with its systems, which are carefully prepared in terms of occupational safety and health, equipment safety, taking into account industry standards.

VISIOTT manufactures low-cost, turnkey serialization and aggregation stations that are fully compliant with international standards. You can manage all processes end-to-end with VISIOTT Line Manager (Level 2), and Plant Manager (Level 3) software in accordance with the requirements of GS1, including notification of data to the official authorities of other countries particularly Turkey the European Union, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

In your projects or as equipment we also offer auxiliary accessories, such as turn table, accordion conveyor that you may need when designing traceability projects.

Service, Maintenance, and Support Services

We offer 24/7 service, maintenance, and support service agreements for all of our software and hardware products to help our customers avoid production disruptions and delays. You can create a service request by sending an e-mail to support@visiott.com.

Please Remember Our Message to You!

The most important elements to consider when choosing your supplier in a traceability implementation are:

  • Serialization and aggregation operations should not affect your production efficiency.

  • The flow of data resulting from the traceability operation should be simple and understandable.

  • In this important change in standard production practices that have been going on for years, the supplier you choose should have a quality support service.

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