About Us

Imagination and dedication meet to redefine the ideal of perfection at VISIOTT TPS. Inspired by the restless spirit of innovation, VISIOTT TPS is proud of developing Traceable Packaging Solutions for the improvement of traceability technologies & supply chain management and expanding the potential of the seamless production and distribution process for all businesses worldwide. We specialize in offering reliable, high-performance solutions that are tailored to provide you with quality and sustainable manufacturing, supported by premium after-sales service. Empowered with the everlasting desire to provide the best, VISIOTT TPS bond quality, durability, practicality and versatility together and goes beyond the conventional understanding of traceability & packaging services. With the integration of creativity and intelligence, the mastered minds of VISIOTT TPS passionately develop avant-garde solutions, paving the way for creating a world that is cleansed from unsanitary and counterfeit products, illicit trade and the black market.

Our Heritage

The inspiring journey of VISIOTT TPS began as AGE Computer Systems back in 2005, founded as a local yet courageous enterprise with a team who had the stars in their eyes, developing software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. A historical moment came in 2010 when Turkey became the first country to obligate pharmaceutical track and trace implementations, paving the way for VISIOTT TPS to become the frontier in traceability solutions within the Turkish market. Over the years, our expertise expanded, leading to the development of reliable and versatile track and trace solutions for diverse industries, including pharmaceutical, food, agrochemical, cosmetics, civilian explosives, and medical devices. This growth has shaped VISIOTT TPS’s transformation from a startup to a prominent multinational company, serving valuable customers from around the world.

Over the past years, we have become an exclusive all-in-one traceability solutions provider globally, operating from an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified manufacturing facility. Our journey has been marked by innovation, commitment, and excellence, and we continue to drive the industry forward, safeguarding supply chains and ensuring the authenticity of products on a global scale. The year 2023 remarks another historic milestone for VISIOTT TPS, for we go beyond Track &Trace and bring the traceability technologies and packaging solutions together, and continue our never-ending journey as VISIOTT TPS; Traceable Packaging Solutions.

With a history of triumphs, VISIOTT TPS continues to make a significant impact in the world of traceability and packaging solutions. By upholding our core values, we envision a future where businesses equipped with enhanced security and consumers gain unhesitant reliability in the authenticity and safety of the products they choose. Together, we strive for a better and more sustainable tomorrow, guided by innovation, excellence, and a profound sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Our Vision

We aim to be the most reliable address globally in the field of traceable packaging solutions, strengthening supply chains with high-quality products developed through our flexible and solution-oriented services, while keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Our Mission

As VISIOTT TPS, we provide high-quality solutions in Traceable Packaging Technologies for public health and the environment, designed in accordance with stakeholder expectations. We believe that our sustainable and reliable values will help our customers optimize their processes and increase operational efficiency. With the collaboration of transparent management and teams focused on continuous improvement, we aim to maintain our technological leadership in the national market and enhance our value on the international stage.

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Delivering the Commitments

VISIOTT believes in continuous research and innovation. We manufacture our state-of-the-art hardware solutions at the main factory in Ankara and VISIOTT software is developed by an expert engineering team at our software house in Istanbul. VISIOTT is committed to delivering the customer with the “more than promised” solutions because we believe in a long-term relationship with our valuable customers.

“More than Promised” Solutions

By filling out the contact form, you can contact our local sales team and ask our experts all questions you are interested in.