VISIOTT is your close supplier that can produce effective, efficient and sustainable solutions for track and trace projects of all the industries. Realizing the importance of product traceability for consumers and manufacturers with its every aspect, VISIOTT together with its team  have successfully completed more than 500 turnkey track and trace projects since 2009. Today, many softwares and hardwares under the VISIOTT brand have been running efficiently in many track and trace projects in the world.


Our company VISIOTT, which was founded in Turkey in the year 2005, started to develop track and trace products in 2009 with the implementation of Turkish Republic Pharmaceutical Track and Trace. This system is the first comprehensive Pharmaceutical Track and Trace system in the world. Then, VISIOTT has evolved special track and trace solutions peculiar to agrochemical, cosmetic and commercial explosives in Turkey. By means of the experience that it  acquired in Turkey, which is the pioneer in many industries for the traceability of the products VISIOTT has found the opportunity to share this practise with the companies that operate in different industries in the last 5 years. Today, our production activities and R&D have been continuing in our production plant with a closed area of 3000 m2 land with its more than 50 personnel.


VISIOTT aims to provide customer satisfaction by offering products and services in the universal quality and standards. It shows the utmost care to the scarce natural resources while presenting these products and services. VISIOTT aims to be an image of trustworthiness, esteem, permanency for its customers, suppliers and personnel globally.

Company Overview


VISIOTT’s mission is to create innovative hardware and software solutions in pharmaceutical, infant nutrition, agrochemical and commercial explosive industries with its experience of track and trace technologies.

VISIOTT uses advanced business analytic techniques to meet customer expectations, enhance project management and deliver in time. This helps us to provide our customers with solutions with added value. We maintain to offer sustainable cost-effective solutions with prompt after-sales support.


We offer you VISIOTT’s technological capability and experience in traceability systems of pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, commercial explosives and other industries.

Serialization and Aggregation for Pharma Track and Trace
We are manufacturing cost-effective and turnkey serialization and aggregation stations that are fully compliant with the regulations of all the countries.  You can get support from our experts for the preparations of the validation documents that are GAMP 5 compliant, applications, setup, training and after-sales support.

TRUE END-TO-END  Traceability Project  For Agro Chemical Products
You can manage the serialization, the order, the delivery and the notification processes of your agrochemicals through our systems. Our experienced personnel might ensure the integration of your current production lines.

Our Innovative Track and Trace solutions for Commercial Explosives
We can offer you turnkey solutions to your commercial explosive track and trace projects with our software and hardware which have been specially designed for the standards of the industry.

The Sine Qua Non of the Projects. Complimentary Equipment 
We can provide you with the equipment such as checkweighers, turntables, and conveyors while you are designing your traceability projects.

Service, Maintenance and Support Services
We offer 7/24 service, maintenance and support service level agreement for all of our software and hardware products so that our customers will prevent their production downtime and delays. You can form a service request by submitting an email to support@visiott.com


The most important aspects while choosing a supplier for a traceability application are the following;

  • Serialization and aggregation operations must not affect the efficiency of your production.
  • The flow of the data gained from the traceability operation should be clear and comprehensible.
  • In this essential change in the standard production practices that have been going on for years, the supplier that  you will choose should have a quality support service.