About Us

VISIOTT is the principal provider of Track and Trace Solutions for a growing number of industries to combat counterfeit products, illicit trade, and the black market. We offer reliable and high-performance solutions tailored to secure your product supply chain. Our passion for innovation is driven by the desire to provide you with the highest engineering solutions for guaranteeing the authenticity and safety of your product. We have exemplary after-sales service to support our customer throughout the lifecycle of our systems.

Our Heritage

Founded in 2005 as AGE Computer Systems, we started with developing software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. With Turkey being the first country to mandate pharmaceutical track and trace in 2010, VISIOTT became the pioneer of traceability solutions in the Turkish market. Since then VISIOTT has developed reliable and flexible track and trace solutions for various industries such as pharmaceutical, food, agrochemical, cosmetics, civilian explosives, and medical devices. VISIOTT has grown from a startup to a multi-national company with valuable clients across the globe. VISIOTT has evolved to become the best all-in-one traceability solutions provider in the world with the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified manufacturing facility.

Our Vision

VISIOTT strives to become the most trusted and reliable global brand for track and trace solutions across various industries. We aspire to achieve client satisfaction with high-quality flexible solutions and services by securing the business supply chain network of our clients. VISIOTT is a responsible entity and we believe in environmental responsibility and answerability to make the world a better place for today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

VISIOTT’s mission is to create innovative, high-quality, and reliable end-to-end serialization and aggregation systems to guarantee the quality and authenticity of consumer goods. We want to secure the product supply chain from manufacturer to consumer in order to combat the counterfeit market and ensure the health and safety of the public.

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Delivering the Commitments

VISIOTT believes in continuous research and innovation. We manufacture our state-of-the-art hardware solutions at the main factory in Ankara and VISIOTT software is developed by an expert engineering team at our software house in Istanbul. VISIOTT is committed to delivering the customer with the “more than promised” solutions because we believe in a long-term relationship with our valuable customers.

“More than Promised” Solutions

By filling out the contact form, you can contact our local sales team and ask our experts all questions you are interested in.