What is Traceability?

Traceability technologies improved by VISIOTT TPS enforce the potential to establish a secure supply chain, effectively combating illicit trade and the black market, while also guaranteeing safe and healthy production and consumption through comprehensive monitoring of every step, from initial production to distribution. Traceability solutions have become widespread in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food production, yet, can also be applied in many different areas such as explosives or agrochemicals.

Traceability technologies are practised in two initial steps; serialization and aggregation and these steps are managed with different software systems.

At its core, serialization involves assigning a unique serial number to each individual drug package or unit. This allows for complete traceability throughout the supply chain, from production to distribution and sale. By implementing serialization, governments, and industry stakeholders can more effectively identify and prevent the distribution of counterfeit products, ultimately protecting public health.

What Is Traceability?

Aggregation includes grouping individual units, such as pills or bottles, into larger units, such as cases or pallets, and assigning them a unique identifier. This allows for easier tracking of the products as they move through the supply chain, reducing the risk of counterfeit or substandard products entering the market. By implementing serialization and aggregation processes, we can help ensure the safety and authenticity of the products for consumers worldwide.

VISIOTT TPS’s traceability software is designed to meet the needs of all industries using traceability technologies while adhering to international standards. VISIOTT’s Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 software solutions provide everything you need to comply with traceability regulations in the US, EU-FMD, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other countries.

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