Bulk Code Reading and Analysis

Companies aim to keep processing time short at every stage of their production operations for efficiency and productivity. There are a number of solutions for the easy, short-term realization of aggregation and product shipment stages applied in the traceability of the supply chain. You gain time, and labor force in the aggregation and shipment stages of the products thanks to the bulk code reading process included in these solutions; in short, you realize efficient business management.

Bulk code analysis using various technologies and camera systems is a fast process in which even the smallest codes can be read in a wide reading area. There are important points that should not be ignored to get maximum efficiency from the reading and analyzing process. An illumination that can eliminate light reflections and a camera system that can clearly display serialized product codes are essential. The analyzing process of the products in the bundles or cases does not occur properly without a high-resolution industrial camera and a specially designed illumination system.

Bulk Code Reading Screen

Analysis of the number of cameras and illumination power may vary depending on the amount of product to be read and the width of the bundle/case can be performed using OCR/OCV technology. 2D codes read by OCR technology are validated by OCV technology.

As VISIOTT TPS, we offer technologies for your bulk code reading and analysis processes in the systems you can use in your production and shipment operations. Data matrix codes under the transparent film and on products in cases are automatically decoded at a time with high-resolution industrial cameras and a specially designed illumination system. 2D codes on your products are analyzed with a high success rate thanks to our special visual system and OCR/OCV technology, which allows you to achieve high efficiency in your operations. You can contact us for more detailed information.


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