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OCR/OCV Vision Inspection Systems
Manufacturers using traceability systems print some information on packaging to inform the end-user, comply with legal regulations, and recall and product tracking
Pharmacode Analysis and Verification
The purpose of the pharmacode, which is often used by the pharmaceutical industry, is to ensure the consistency of packaging and product and to ensure that
Bulk Code Reading and Analysis
Companies aim to keep processing time short at every stage of their production operations for efficiency. There are a number of solutions for the easy, short-term
Presence/Absence Controls by Vision Inspection
One of the implementation areas of vision inspection technologies is absence/presence controls. Absence/presence control is an important stage of production for
VISIOTT Line Manager Software (Level 2)
VISIOTT Line Manager (Level 2) software is capable of real-time control and communication with many hardware for serialization and aggregation operations. Its easy-to-configure
VISIOTT Plant Manager Software (Level 3)
VISIOTT Plant Manager Software (Level 3) is an innovative software that manages all traceability operations through a single screen. The main function of VISIOTT Plant Manager
VISIOTT Enterprise Manager (Level 4) Software
It is a difficult and error-prone process for global enterprises to direct their facilities manually or with simple programs. VISIOTT Enterprise Manager (Level 4) Software