VISIOTT honored to announce start the membership of GS1 Healthcare as a pharmaceutical solutions provider.

GS1 is an organization that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. GS1 Standards provide a common language and help to create seamless work processes that allow businesses to identify, capture, and share information the same way all over the world.

GS1 standards are applied to different industries, one of which is the healthcare industry for the traceability of pharmaceutical products. The healthcare groups involved in GS1 healthcare are pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, logistics providers, governmental and regulatory bodies, and trade associations.

The mission of GS1 Healthcare is to increase patient safety, supply chain security and efficiency, traceability, and accurate data synchronization in healthcare.

Our company VISIOTT, which was founded in Turkey in the year 2005, started to develop effective, efficient, and sustainable hardware and software solutions, namely serialization and aggregation solutions, for track and trace projects in 2009 for the pharma industry. Since then, VISIOTT together with its team has successfully completed more than 500 turnkey track and trace projects compliant with GS1 standard.

As an example, our hardware systems have used the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), GLN (Global Location Number), and SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) standards for pharmaceutical traceability systems, which are defined by GS1 standards to identify the products by providing unique information. While the communication architecture of our serialization and aggregation software have used the GS1 organization’s EPCIS standards which enables trading partners to share information about the products.

By integrating the GS1 healthcare standards to our solutions we ensure the supply chain security, patient safety, data accuracy in healthcare since the GS1-enabled traceability solutions provide the best path to interoperability, product visibility through the whole supply chain, digitalization and speed data exchange.

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