Vial Labeling and Serialization Station

Vial Labeling and Serialization Station

Vials, mostly in cylinder form, are used as primary packaging for serum, vaccine, and injectable drugs. In the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, the labeling, and serialization operation of vials carrying liquid or cake is high speed due to the small diameter of the bottle. Besides, the focus of these industries to produce quality products expects the high-speed wrap-around labeling operation to be precise and stable.

This station is a system capable of high speed and quality labeling and serialization operations for vial type bottles frequently used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Wrap-around Labeling for Vial

Vials are bottles made of glass or plastic, usually in cylinder form, with small diameter and height. The labels applied to these bottles are naturally small and light. Therefore, labeling the bottle and wrapping it all around is difficult for high speed and high-quality operations. VISIOTT’s star wheel Vial Labeling and Serialization system can label 300 vials per minute with high precision with its design that will eliminate these difficulties. At the end of the labeling, the camera controls the position of the label. The vials with the wrong label are automatically rejected from the line.

The star wheel design of the system is the essential design element that enables quick and precise labeling of the vials. While the system is produced, star wheels of different diameters and heights are manufactured according to the project requirements and presented to customers. This allows you to perform multiple vial labeling with one system.

Serialization of Vials

Serialization is a popular method used to prevent counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Now you will be able to serialize vials with VISIOTT’s serialization solution, which we have integrated into our vial labeling system. The Serialization system, which works integrated with the labeling module, allows you to print GS1 Datamatrix on the label for each country’s regulation. With the high-resolution printer on the serialization system, you can easily print the expiry date and lot information on the label.

The high-resolution camera system located within the system allows the measurement of the quality of the data matrix, the control of pharma codes, and the control of the expiry date and lot with OCR/OCV. Products that cannot pass camera control are automatically rejected.

Parameters on all stations can be controlled with VISIOTT’s L3 Plant Manager Software, and performance information can be reported instantly. VISIOTT L2 Line Manager Software running on the line is designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry by following standards such as GAMP5 and 21 CFR Part 11.

If you would like to protect your medicines and cosmetics manufactured using vial against counterfeiting and comply with legislators’ rules, please contact us.

Features for Vial Labeling and Serialization Station

  • Customizable input and output conveyor
  • 300 vial/min speed
  • GMP compliant
  • GAMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Servo-controlled rotating star wheel


Vial Labeling and Serialization Station Perspective View
Vial Labeling and Serialization Station Front View

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Design Information

Unit Code: VBL-100
Design No : VIS0284
ID : 4830618

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