Turn Table

Turn Table

Turn tables are often used to form a buffer space for the packaging operations of bottles and jerry cans. In a bottle packaging system without a turn table and consisting of multiple machines, if a machine stops, the entire line must stop. In systems with turn tables, even if a system stops, the following systems will continue to operate until the turn table is full. Turn tables can be named differently. Unscrambler and Rotary Table are common names in other industries.

Although the mechanisms of these systems seem to be like simple structures, in fact, their design requires essential expertise. The Turn table must have a drive and bearing mechanism which is designed in accordance with the accumulated weight on the system. Another important issue is that the turn table on the system should be in an enclosure in terms of human safety. Our designs might be customizable according to our customers’ buffer making and direction requirements.

VISIOTT has a suitable design for the need for buffer space for bottles which are used in many different industries.  Our turn tables which are compliant with hygienic requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry have been used by many companies.

In our warehouse, there are always  turn table systems that are produced in standard sizes. For more information, please contact us.

Distinguishing Features of Turn Table

  • Possible to add a loading part to feed small bottles.
  • 50% energy saving through high gain reducer asynchronous. module
  • Direct drive mechanism.
  • Small metal parts designed  to direct the products easily.
  • A speed ​​control unit controlled by analog and digital communication.
  • Certified design for human safety.
  • 110/220 V 50/60 Hz Power


Turn Table
Turn Table

Design Information

Unit Code: TT-100
Design No
: VTT543
ID : 128234