Switch Aggregation Station

Case Aggregation by Switch Method

After the serialization operations, this station might function as a case aggregation when the cartons are placed into the case manually. The number of the products in the case is defined as a target for aggregation. Then, a mechanism directs the targeted number of products into two different directions. The operators will manually place the medicine into the case. There are specially designed case holders on the system so that the cases are filled easily. The switch mechanism has been designed according to the requirements of human safety. The Switch Aggregation Station might be integrated with all serialization stations of VISIOTT

The data used for aggregation is gathered during the serialization. For this reason, you will not have to cover the cost of an extra camera.

The case label is automatically printed when the case aggregation is complete and the switch mechanism changes its direction. Upon reaching the targeted case number, the pallet label is also printed automatically. Both the case and the pallet label are applied manually by an operator.

Switch Aggregation Station is controlled by Line Manager software which is specially designed and developed by VISIOTT. Line Manager supports work order and product recipe systems in accordance with the industrial dynamics and is fully integrated with the VISIOTT Plant Manager Software for Level 3 Track and Trace.


Case Aggregation by Switch
Case Aggregation by Switch Method

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Unit Code: SWAS-100
Design No : VISIOTT761
ID : 9522191