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VISIOTT is your innovative, customer-oriented, reliable solution partner that produces end-to-end serialization and aggregation systems, software, and equipment for industries. Our company, which implemented the first successful pharmaceutical track and trace system in the world, always aims to make a difference with its expert team in traceability and production quality.

VISIOTT provides solutions for many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, food, cosmetics, explosives, and medical, to ensure product tracking throughout the life cycle. For cost-effective serialization and aggregation solutions that do not compromise performance and quality, you can contact our experts by filling out the form below.

Traceability and anti-counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry can only be possible through a properly constructed pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation process.

The first step of the pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation process is the determination of the requirements. Pharmaceutical track and trace system regulations of countries should be examined in detail when determining the requirements; production, order, sales, and storage operations within the pharmaceutical company should be organized according to the pharmaceutical track and trace system.
VISIOTT’s sales and engineering team, specializing in pharmaceutical track and trace systems since 2005, will help you determine your needs correctly in your pharmaceutical track and trace system projects.

Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Solutions

VISIOTT provides end-to-end traceability solutions that comply with food regulations for brand and product reliability, in accordance with its own hardware and software.

VISIOTT, as a company that developed Line (Level 2), Plant (Level 3), and Enterprise (Level 4) level software in-house, has great knowledge and experience in integration with 3rd party software (ERP, MES, Level 4, etc.) that you will encounter in your traceability projects.

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The main goal of agrochemical product traceability is to ensure that the burden of pesticide residue of nutrients that directly affect human health remains within the limits set by various legislators. Because the impact of improper use of agrochemical products on public health is too great to be underestimated. Moreover, agrochemical traceability aims to find solutions to issues such as prevention of counterfeiting, unfair competition, and economic destruction for farmers.

Our traceability solutions for agrochemical products fully meet all product serialization and aggregation requirements. VISIOTT has successfully completed agrochemical track and trace projects in many companies, contributing to traceability and a transparent supply chain.

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The cosmetics sector, which is directly related to human health, has a wide range of products. Cosmetic products must be traceable to reach the consumer in a reliable and healthy way at the end of the supply chain. Our company, which has been producing hardware and software for traceability technologies since 2005, provides solutions to your serialization and aggregation needs for your operations. You can print 2D code and perform carrier unit aggregation, regardless of packaging type, product shape, and size with VISIOTT’s solutions.

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Commercial explosives must take their place in the supply chain by ensuring their safety throughout production, shipment, storage, and even sales processes. Surely, these sensitive safety conditions must also be preserved in serialization and aggregation operations. VISIOTT develops efficient, sustainable explosive traceability systems for the commercial explosives industry, taking into account international standards and regulations of all official institutions.

You can access VISIOTT’s serialization, aggregation solutions, which provide software, hardware, and support within the scope of traceability for all explosives of CAP and BOOSTER Sensitive, ANFO, DETONATOR type.

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The medical product industry uses traceability technologies due to quality control, production processes, risk management, and legal regulations. The life cycle of medical products can be tracked thanks to the functionality of serialization and aggregation operations.

VISIOTT creates solutions for traceability operations by focusing on human health within the scope of global regulations. You can serialize and perform carrier unit aggregation, regardless of product shape, size, and packaging type thanks to our solutions.

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