Russian MDLP Partner

We are a solution provider of the Russian MDLP Traceability system.

Chestny ZNAK is a platform developed for digital tracking of products exported or manufactured in Russia. This platform wants to guarantee all the steps of the products that are used in Russia until they reach the end-user. Therefore, the Russian Government issued a national tracking system No. 1556 dated December 14, 2018.

VISIOTT is an official solution provider of the Chestny ZNAK and it is listed in the List of partners and Partner solutions on the official website of the Chestny ZNAK. VISIOTT offers an end-to-end traceability system that allows you to meet the Russian track and trace needs for the implementation of serialization and aggregation solutions in the production processes. VISIOTT solutions cover all processes related to the Russian Federation pharmaceutical track and trace system, GS1 Russia requirements.

In order to prevent the loss of the digital transformation of the Russian Federation in the economy, the products of many sectors have been included in the national track and trace system. The purpose of the Chestny ZNAK track and trace system is to guarantee the authenticity of the products purchased by customers and the declared quality.

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Russian MDLP Traceability system

As of today, VISIOTT track and trace solutions have the ability to serve companies in need of track and trace systems as per a partner list approved by Chestny ZNAK. VISIOTT software and hardware solutions create the perfect solution for your pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation solutions. In addition, VISIOTT software and hardware solutions provide uninterrupted communication with MDLP and OMS for customers living in or outside Russia and can report to Chestny ZNAK system including production, logistics, warehouse.

Today, more than 500 VISIOTT software and hardware solutions installed with more than 100 companies. VISIOTT provides the solutions you need at your service quickly. You can contact us for more information.

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