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VISIOTT manufactures serialization machines that meet the pharmaceutical industry needs. These machines can carry out high-speed and sustainable serialization and aggregation processes. Besides, these processes comply with the pharma serialization regulations of EU-FMD, DSCSA, Russia, Turkey, and other countries. 

Serialization Machine

Our serialization machines can work with frequently used packages (cartons, bottles, Tetra Paks, vials, ampules, and blisters) in the pharmaceutical industry. However, we can easily customize our machines for different packaging types.

We design our serialization machines to be operated fully integrated or independent with the pharmaceutical seconder packaging (drug) production line. In addition, we follow hygiene, material, and safety rules determined by GMP guidelines in our designs.

We constantly develop the software we use in our serialization machines. Therefore, we can configure the line manager (Level 2) software developed by VISIOTT engineers according to user needs. Also, we take into account GAMP5 and 21 CFR PART 11 requirements when developing our line-level software.

Primary and Secondary Level Serialization

Carton Serialization Station

Carton Serialization

This machine carries out the serialization of cartons widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Also, it takes up small space on your production line with its optimized design. Integrated with pharmaceutical production lines, it can serialize at the speed of 400 cartons/minute.

Vial Labeling and Serialization Station

Vial and Ampul Serializaton

In recent years, vial and ampul serialization has often been used to eliminate the risk of counterfeit drugs in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. With this machine, you can serialize vial and ampul at a speed of 200 pcs/minute.

Carton Serialization With Tamper Evident Labeling Station

Pharmaceutical Tamper Evident Perspective

The system used for the serialization of the cartons is also capable of tamper-evident labeling. Besides, the station meets the market needs which have a tamper-evident obligation such as Europe and Turkey.

Flat Carton Serialization Station

Flat Carton Serialization Perspective View

This machine carries out the serialization of the unfolded cartons. You can feed and serialize 200 cartons per minute manually into the system.

Bottle Labeling and Serialization Station

Bottle Labeller Perspective View

This machine carries out bottle serialization. It is designed by examining the DSCSA requirements followed by the US market. After filling with solid or liquid medication, it labels the bottles. Meanwhile, it carries out serialization.

360° Bottle Serialization Station

Bottle Serialization

You can use this machine for the aggregation of serialized bottles. This system prints a helper code on the bottle cap or bottom of the bottle. Also, it can analyze the code on the bottle with 6 cameras.

Tertiary Level Serialization (Aggregation)

Manual Aggregation

Manual Aggregation

You can use this machine if you can’t carry out aggregation operation automatically. Also, you can carry out the fastest aggregation possible with an extensive reading area and fast code analysis algorithm. Furthermore, you can easily relocate it on the production area thanks to its wheeled design.

Semi Automatic Case Packer and Aggregation Station

Case Packer

You can stack and place the cartons in the case automatically with this machine. In this system, you only prepare cases by hand and the operator is placed in the machine manually.

Semi-Automatic Aggregation

Semi Automatic Aggregation

The pharmaceutical products are sometimes placed in the case manually. During this placement, a high-resolution camera can analyze serialized products in each layer. Once it analyzes all layers in the case, it can complete aggregation without bottleneck.

Switch Aggregation Station

Case Aggregation by Switch

This machine aggregates serialized products by dividing them into different areas. Therefore, we recommend it for processes in which we carry out case aggregation.

Automatic Bundle Aggregation

Bundle Aggregation

Some drugmakers make into bundles wrapping cartons with a transparent PU material. Then, they put them on the market this way. You can automatically aggregate the cartons that made into bundles with this machine.

Integrations for All Levels

Serialization Integration Solution for Cartoner

Smart Serialization Solution

You can integrate the printer and camera into the existing cartoner machine. However, there must be a suitable area in the cartoner machine to achieve this integration.

Aggregation Integration for Case Packer Systems

Aggregation integration

You can carry out the automatic aggregation of pharmaceutical products by placing cameras, special illumination, and automation equipment in your existing case packer machines. Besides, an automatic print and apply system can apply aggregation labels to cases.

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