Serialization Integration Solution for Cartoner

Industries use packaging with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and raw materials in packaging operations for their products. Businesses such as pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics use cartons in their packaging. Since these sectors are of vital importance for public health, the application of traceability is a must for them. VISIOTT TPS Serialization Integration Solution for Cartoner provides your carton packaging machines to perform serialization.

Machine manufacturers have begun to develop their systems taking into account serialization and aggregation operations, with the widespread use of traceability implementations. The companies that manufacture carton packaging machines allocate free space for optional use while designing their machines so that their stations can perform serialization. Your cartoner machines turn into serialization stations with our systems placed in a convenient location of the station.

You will be able to perform serialization operations with the thermal printer, which is a part of the solution integrated into your cartoner machine, and you will activate the camera verification and rejection units. You can perform expiration date, lot printing, and control thanks to the integrated print head and camera. You will be able to track and control your serialization operation with the touch screen with a user-friendly interface.

The printing head and camera with high-resolution GigE technology are installed on the carton packaging machine by VISIOTT TPS engineers or manufacturers, depending on demand. Your cartoner machine will now be turned into a serialization station following international standards after simple connections to the electronic panel of the system.

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VISIOTT TPS offers assistance with expert engineers in all aspects of the technical stages, such as design, production, assembly operations, electronic connections, trial and validation services. 

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Features for Serialization Integration Solution for Cartoner SIS-100

  • It can serialize up to 400(*) cartons per minute.
  • It verifies readable text with OCR/OCV technology.
  • It can operate offline.
  • It supports multiple print heads and cameras.
  • It can print and read 2D codes, which are the industry standard.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with a touch screen.
  • GMP, GAMP 5, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

(*) Speed depends on carton dimensions.

Technical Details

Print Technology*CIJ, Laser, TIJ, TT
Printing Resolution (max)600 dpi
VerificationGrading and (OCR/OCV)
Camera Resolution1600 x 1200 px (2 Mpx)
Capacity (max)**450 pcs/minute
Voltage / Frequency110 V / 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
MaterialStainless Steel
ComputerFanless Industrial Computer***
MonitorTouch Screen Industrial Monitor
Handheld ScannerWireless
GAMP5 ComplianceYes
21 CFR Part 11 ComplianceYes
Customization OptionsYes
*Depends on operational needs
**Related with product dimensions

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