Flat Carton Serialization Station

Many companies, that use cartons in their packaging, prefer to serialize unfolded flat cartons in their serialization operations to comply with product traceability regulations. The main reason for this is the low initial investment cost and the lack of sufficient physical space for the serialization station after the carton packaging line. VISIOTT Flat Carton Serialization Station practically realizes serialization by thermal inkjet technology, following the needs of industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and medical device.

There are some remarkable features of the station, which we specially designed for the serialization of unfolded flat cartons. With the easily adjustable loading area according to carton size, you can load your products to be serialized into the station in bulk. The feeder feeds the stacked cartons onto the vacuum conveyor system one by one. The station correctly positions the cartons that enter the serialization line with the help of adjustable impression rollers. Thanks to the conveyor with internal vacuum channels, your unfolded flat cartons are transported in a fixed position along the line.

The station with a TIJ printer placed on a slide for precise positioning of the data matrix can serialize up to 250(*) cartons per minute. The human-readable texts applied on the carton are transferred to the system with GigE vision inspection technology and verified by OCR / OCV technology. VISIOTT Flat Carton Serialization Station also precisely detects the thickness of cartons coming out of the feeder for printing and camera verification. Thus, the distance of the system from the flat carton is perfectly adjusted and crystal quality serialization is implemented. With the special reject mechanism, faulty serialized cartons can be separated from the line. Thanks to the clear and safe design of the system, you can easily follow every stage of the operation.

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FCSS-100 Serialized Sample Product
FCSS-100 Flat Carton Serialization Station
FCSS-100 Flat Carton Serialization Station
FCSS-100 Flat Carton Serialization Station

The station is managed by VISIOTT Line Manager Software (Level 2). It is specially designed and developed by VISIOTT. VISIOTT Line Manager is fully integrated with VISIOTT Plant Manager Software (Level 3). With this software, you can manage work orders, product, and receipt systems following various industrial dynamics. With our serialization solution, you can ensure that your products are serialized following the global product traceability system regulations (DSCSAEU-FMDANVISA, etc.). Please contact us for more detailed information.

Features for Flat Carton Serialization Station FCSS-100

  • Serializes up to 250(*) flat cartons per minute.
  • Verifies human-readable text with OCR/OCV technology.
  • The total line length is only 1500 mm.
  • Operates offline.
  • Supports multiple print heads and cameras.
  • Prints and reads all industry-standard 2D codes.
  • User-friendly interface with a touchscreen monitor.
  • GMP, GAMP 5, and 21 CFR Part 11compliant.

(*) Speed depends on carton size.

Technical Details

Printing Technology*CIJ,TIJ,TT
Printing Resolution (max)600 dpi
VerificationGrading and (OCR/OCV)
Camera Resolution1600 x 1200 px (2 Mpx)
Capacity (max)**250 pcs/minute
Product Length ControlYes
Voltage / Frequency110 V / 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (WxLxH)965x1880x2150 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
ComputerFanless Industrial Computer***
MonitorTouch Screen Industrial Monitor
Reject MechanismConveyor with Piston
Handheld ScannerWireless
GAMP5 ComplianceYes
21 CFR Part 11 ComplianceYes
Customization OptionsYes
*Depends on operational needs.
**Related with product dimensions.

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