Serialization is defined as assigning a unique serial number to each product and applying this number to the packaging with various methods. The most used economical and sustainable method is applying 2D code on the packaging. As the serialization requirements vary for each country, VISIOTT provides highly reliable and flexible solutions that comply with the present regulations, and also guarantee compliance with any changes in the future.

VISIOTT designs and manufactures the serialization equipment needed in your traceability projects. The serialization data of the equipment produced by VISIOTT is managed with Level 2, Level 3 software and shared with business logistics systems thanks to Level 4 software. VISIOTT provides all stages of production operations, validation service, and after-sales support activities without using any third party. VISIOTT is always by your side with its serialization solutions as a technology company with a variety of products and industry knowledge that can add value to your projects. You can view our serialization solutions according to your industry and get information about our products.

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VISIOTT Carton Serialization Station serializes every single pharma carton with thermal inkjet technology. The serialization process takes place in accordance with different global traceability
One of the ways to ensure product safety is to apply a tamper-evident label to the packaging. VISIOTT ISSTE-200 Carton Serialization with Tamper Evident Labeling Station is designed
Companies prefer aseptic cartons as packaging material for food to be safe and long-lasting. Aseptic cartons, which consist of many layers and are generally used for packaging liquid
Bottles are irreplaceable packaging materials that many manufacturers use to present their products to the end-user. It has many forms made of glass, plastic, and metal, especially used by the food
In operations where bottles are used as primary packaging, preliminary preparation of the serialization and aggregation operation can be done with VISIOTT 360° Bottle Serialization
Industries use packaging with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and raw materials in packaging operations for their products. Industries using cartons in their packaging provide traceability