Starwheel Checkweigher Station

Precise weight measurement is an important step in quality control for many industries. Consistency of the product weight and the information on the packaging is a requirement determined by the regulations. In particular, quantity controls of volatile products such as aerosols can only be achieved with precise measurements. VISIOTT TPS SCW-100 Starwheel Checkweigher complies with international standards and can make very precise measurements.

The SCW-100, which measures cylindrical products such as spray, glass and plastic bottles, especially aerosol packages, at high speed, can be easily integrated into production lines. Thanks to the gripper conveyor designed by VISIOTT TPS expert engineers, the products are placed on the starwheel in a comfortable and balanced manner, providing high stability.

The starwheel controlled by the servo motor can be changed in a very short time for precise weighing of the different products of different sizes. In this way, production operations continue without slowing down.

Products outside the determined weight values ​​are separated from the line with the specially designed reject mechanism. VISIOTT TPS Starwheel Checkweigher is designed in a transparent protection area for worker and operational safety.

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SCW-100 Starwheel Checkweigher is controlled by Line Manager (Level 2) software developed by VISIOTT TPS. Complying with international standards, VISIOTT TPS Line Manager (Level 2) is fully integrated with VISIOTT TPS Plant Manager (Level 3). With the SCW-100, which can be customized according to your needs, you can meet official requirements by ensuring the continuity of your quality. 

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Features for Starwheel Checkweigher Station SCW-100

  • It can measure the weight of 100(*) products per minute.
  • Servo motor-controlled starwheel can be changed easily.
  • It can be easily integrated into production lines.
  • It has a specially designed reject mechanism and a locked reject box.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with a touch screen.
  • Complies with GMP, GAMP 5 and 21 CFR Part 11.

(*) Speed depends on product dimensions and weight.

Technical Details

Capacity (max)*100 pcs/minute
Voltage / Frequency110 V / 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (WxLxH)1040x1650x2300 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
ComputerFanless Industrial Computer**
MonitorTouch Screen Industrial Monitor
Reject MechanismPiston or Nozzle (Compressed Air)
OIML, MID ComplianceYes
GAMP5 ComplianceYes
21 CFR Part 11 ComplianceYes
Customization OptionsGripper Conveyor
*Related with product dimensions and weight

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Starwheel Checkweigher Station

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