MMS-100 Manual Multifunctional Station

Many companies need equipment such as computers, label printers, and handheld scanners for digital process management in production, shipping, and storage operations. VISIOTT TPS Multifunctional Manual Station has been developed to produce economical and effective results for the requirements of pharmaceutical, food, agrochemicals, cosmetics, medical device operations. It contributes to practical process management by using it in all areas within the scope of traceability operations with its mobile and functional design.

This station consists of a stability-tested label printer, industrial computer, touch screen, and handheld scanner. Thanks to the station’s mobile, wheeled design, you can perform your operations at different points of the facility. UPS and WI-FI options can be added to the system if the VISIOTT TPS Multifunctional Manual Station is required to be used mobile. This station, which is manually managed by an operator without any automation control, can be used in serialization, aggregation, warehouse, sales, and many other possible stages. You can configure the station according to the needs of your business with a variety of operational software.

If you want to print serialized labels for your serialization processes and roll these labels, a universal label re-winder unit can be added to the station. You can establish a hierarchy and print the carrier unit label by reading your products with a handheld scanner. You can assign printers to print labels of different hierarchies. You can also remove the labels to be printed by dividing the work between the printers.

The Multifunctional Manual Station is managed with VISIOTT TPS Line Manager (Level 2) software designed and developed by VISIOTT TPS to suit your operational needs. Thanks to this software, which is fully integrated with the VISIOTT TPS Plant Manager (Level 3) software, you can perform your operations following various industrial dynamics.

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Features for Manual Multifunctional Station MMS-100

  • Provides cost-effective serialization, aggregation, and shipping solutions.
  • It has an ergonomic and minimal design.
  • It is suitable to work in different areas with its wheeled feet.
  • It has a durable, stainless steel body.
  • Optional UPS and WI-FI equipment can be added to the station.
  • A re-winder unit can be added in line with operational needs.
  • GMP, GAMP 5, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Technical Details

Voltage / Frequency110 V / 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (WxLxH)830 x 905 x 1685 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
ComputerFanless Industrial Computer*
MonitorTouch Screen Industrial Monitor
Handheld ScannerWireless
GAMP5 ComplianceYes
21 CFR Part 11 ComplianceYes
Customization OptionsYes

Further Information for Manual Multifunctional Station MMS-100

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