Aggregation can be briefly defined as the virtual connection of the serialized carrier unit and the serialized products within it. The most common method for this virtual connection is to create hierarchical data with the parent-child relationship. The aggregation is completed by linking the data to the serialized carrier unit. As VISIOTT, we provide you with our solutions, created with years of experience, for your aggregation processes.

VISIOTT, which has been producing solutions for aggregation operations since 2005, ensures that your products are traceable with Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 software that follow DSCSA requirements. You can view our products for your aggregation requirements according to the needs of your industry.

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VISIOTT Manual Aggregation Station is able to read multiple 1D/2D codes of the serialized products in a big surface by a special vision system. The solution aggregates the decoded
MAS-200 Manual Aggregation Station, which is prepared considering the aggregation needs of the industries in production, packaging, storage, and shipment operations
Companies that want the advantage of speed in production to be at the maximum level combine aggregation and packaging processes in order not to compromise the speed of packing
Through our manual multifunctional station, you can manage your serialization and aggregation operations by using the simplest methods. A manual multifunctional station
VISIOTT Automatic Bundle Aggregation Station, which has been designed in accordance with GMP guidelines, is an automatic solution for bundle aggregation operations.
Today which the traceability technologies develop very rapidly, the production operations of the industries also have to keep up with this development. VISIOTT offers rational and