Accordion Conveyor

Transporting products during the production, shipment, and storage stages of the industries may require extra time and labor. AWC-100 Accordion Conveyor designed by VISIOTT to increase the efficiency of business management; it is a practical solution that you can use in your production, shipment, and storage stages.

The flexible designed AWC-100 Accordion Conveyor, which does not require electricity, uses gravity to transport the product. A difference of 10 cm between the entry and exit height is sufficient for efficient performance from this auxiliary equipment, which is also called a gravity conveyor.

AWC-100 Accordion Conveyor, which can be easily moved in the operation area thanks to its lockable wheeled legs, is very useful with its adjustable height and length. The accordion frame allows you to direct the hardware as you wish. Your products can be transported smoothly with the help of reels or rolls placed on the stainless shaft. This system, which can be combined into modules without any length limit, increases efficiency in many operations.

Accordion conveyors are manufactured following the standards of the industry to be used. In sectors without hygiene requirements, systems can be manufactured from painted stainless steel. AWC-100 accordion conveyors can be manufactured in different widths and load-carrying capacities according to customers ‘ requirements.

AWC-100 Accordion Conveyor, which can be integrated into all stages of operation and is manufactured in standard sizes considering the sudden needs of the industries, is ready for fast delivery.


    Distinctive Features of Accordion Conveyor AWC-100

    • It is compatible with all solutions.
    • It has maintenance-free, long-life reels and rollers.
    • Its load-carrying capacity is 50 kg.
    • It is designed suitable for hygienic environments with its stainless steel structure.
    • Height and length are adjustable.
    • As an option, products can be added to the stopping plate.
    • It has double-row wheels with a lock.
    • It is flexible in design.

    Technical Details

    Dimensions (WxH)710 x 850 mm
    Min. Length1560 mm
    Max. Lenght5500 mm
    LengtheningAccordion Type
    MaterialStainless Steel

    Further Information For Accordion Conveyor AWC-100

    Accordion Conveyor White Paper

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