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Bottle Labeling Station
Bottles are irreplaceable packaging materials that many manufacturers use to present their products to the end-user. It has many forms made of glass, plastic, and metal, especially used by the food
360° Bottle Serialization Station
In operations where bottles are used as primary packaging, preliminary preparation of the serialization and aggregation operation can be done with VISIOTT 360° Bottle Serialization
Agrochemical Serialization Integration for Labeller
Industries use automated systems to carry out their operations quickly in high volume production. The serialization operations of agrochemicals whose packaging is in bottle form are carried
Horizontal Manual Aggregation Station
VISIOTT Manual Aggregation Station is able to read multiple 1D/2D codes of the serialized products in a big surface by a special vision system. The solution aggregates the decoded
Vertical Manual Aggregation Station
MAS-200 Manual Aggregation Station, which is prepared considering the aggregation needs of the industries in production, packaging, storage, and shipment operations
Semi-Automatic Aggregation Station
Companies that want the advantage of speed in production to be at the maximum level combine aggregation and packaging processes in order not to compromise the speed of packing
Manual Multifunctional Station
Through our manual multifunctional station, you can manage your serialization and aggregation operations by using the simplest methods. A manual multifunctional station
Aggregation Integration for Case Packer Systems
Today which the traceability technologies develop very rapidly, the production operations of the industries also have to keep up with this development. VISIOTT offers rational and
Agrochemical Aggregation Station for Liquid Products
The next step after serialization in track and trace projects is aggregation. This station that makes agrochemical aggregation operations for plastic bottles enables the aggregation
Turn Table
Industries that use packaging such as bottles, cans, tins, jars in product packaging need a buffer area to prevent the line from stopping if a machine stops in their lines consisting
Accordion Conveyor
Transporting products during the production, shipment, and storage stages of the industries may require extra time and labor. AWC-100 Accordion Conveyor designed by VISIOTT
Vision Inspection Module for Pharma
Simple mistakes in pharmaceutical production can cause serious damages that will deeply affect human health. That is why the track and trace process through the quality control is crucial