Checkweigher Station

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Station

VISIOTT started to develop pharmaceutical checkweigher systems for the pharma industry in the year 2005. This system weighs the finished drug carton automatically during the production, if the weight is not within the defined limits, it automatically rejects it from the production line. Moreover, it can control all situations that the pharmaceutical industry wants to control, such as the adjoined products and not being able to be rejected. The system also has the documents in compliance with the standards GAMP5 and 21 CFR Part 11.

Our pharmaceutical checkweigher system which has been specially designed for the pharma industry is able to transfer work orders from the Level 3 Plant Manager just like our track and trace systems. In this way, the operation is avoided working outside the limits set by the quality unit. The computer-based software on the system ensures the most accurate results by providing  complete digital communication with the load cell. For the pharma industry, the pharmaceutical checkweigher system is able to measure the weight of 200 cartons per minute with an error of 0.1 grams. With this system, you can detect all missing units in the carton.

Through its innovative design,  pharmaceutical checkweigher stations are able to run for years without needing any maintenance and calibration. We ensure a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against bearing and engine failures so that you will get results with the same precision over the years with the weight measuring cell.

Distinguishing Features

  • Capable of weighing 200 cartons/min.
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against bearing and engine failures. 
  • %1000 over load stability.
  • Complete compliance with Level 3 Plant Manager.
  • 15 inches touchscreen monitor.
  • Full Compliant with GMP, GAMP 521 CFR Part 11 
  • Rejection through air pressure and  piston.
  • Zero point tracking feature with High precision developed especially for  Pharmaceutical Checkweigher.


Checkweigher Station
Checkweigher Station

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Technical Documents / Catalog

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Design Information

Unit Code: CW-100
Design No
: AGE0132
ID : 1322341

Technical Details

(1) Needs to be tested according to products to be manufactured and working environment.
(2) Changeable according to the viscosity of the product to be manufactured.