We are expanding commercial activities in LATAM

We are expanding commercial activities in LATAM

We are proud to announce that we are expanding commercial activities in Latin America through our subsidiary in Brazil.

VISIOTT was founded in Turkey in 2005. It has started to develop effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions for track and trace projects by implementing the world’s first extensive Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System.

Although we initially started offering pharmaceutical track and trace solutions, we’ve also developed solutions for agrochemical, cosmetics, and commercial explosives.

In recent years we have expanded our operations also in Asia, Europe, Middle East, America, and Russia.

Commercial Activities in LATAM

In 2019, we started our activities in Brazil. We already have a local technical structure, after-sales support, and commercial structure there. Furthermore, we have customers who can identify the quality of products associated with the best effective cost in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and commercial explosives markets.

Now we are expanding commercial activities through our subsidiary in Brazil to serve the entire Latin American market through partnerships with companies in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

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