VISIOTT Traceability Solutions Becomes a Member of SINDUSFARMA

VISIOTT Traceability Solutions Becomes a Member of SINDUSFARMA

As VISIOTT, we are happy and proud to be a member of the Pharmaceutical Products Industry Association, SINDUSFARMA, which brings together more than 95% of national and international companies of the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry.

The companies within SINDUSFARMA are the companies that work professionally for the pharmaceutical industry, which have directly or indirectly accomplished hundreds of thousands of productive works. Bringing them together, SINDUSFARMA focuses on long-term partnerships, collaborations and the development of the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry.

As a member of SINDUSFARMA, we are excited about the collaborations and projects we will develop within the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry. The work we have done in Brazil so far supports our hardworking.

VISIOTT offers innovative systems that comply with ANVISA requirements to the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry with the ALL-IN-ONE solutions it has developed. We are always with SINDUSFARMA members with our 24/7 after-sales support service and our office in Brazil!


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