VISIOTT Increases Its Presence In The Supply Chain With Its New Production Facility

VISIOTT Increases Its Presence in the Supply Chain with Its New Production Facility

VISIOTT is on the way to increasing its production both in terms of quantity and quality with its new facility. Opening its second production facility in Ankara DEMPA Industrial Site in Turkey, VISIOTT works on a total area of ​​550 square meters and allocates 400 square meters of it for production. In the remaining part, it provides a working area for administrative units.

The area, where eleven high-tech machines are managed by operators and experts for production, also allows storage of up to fifteen machines ready for shipment.

While creating a new production facility, VISIOTT renewed the electrical installation with a general renovation, installed special and load-bearing lines for each production machine. In addition to the welding room, heating system and infrastructure works, the quality control department, where even the smallest part of our solutions can be checked, was also ready for our engineers in order to provide a better service.

VISIOTT, which attaches great importance to development for effective and sustainable traceability solutions, continues its activities rapidly by increasing its service quality.


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