VISIOTT Enters into Collaboration with Coditek-Ecuador S.A.

VISIOTT Enters into Collaboration with Coditek-Ecuador S.A.

VISIOTT proudly enters into collaboration with Coditek-Ecuador S.A. VISIOTT and Coditek join hands to serve high-quality and cost-effective traceability solutions to various industry sectors in Ecuador; the main focus is the Pharmaceutical Industry.

VISIOTT provides end-to-end traceability solutions that include hardware, software, services, documentation, and training. With over 12 years of experience, VISIOTT is one of the global leaders in providing track and trace solutions.

Headquartered in Quito, Coditek specializes in providing Industrial Solutions such as coding, processing, packaging, automation, end of Line, Etc. products and services for various industrial sectors.

VISIOTT is happy to initiate this partnership with Coditek to provide its Ecuadorian clients with innovative and cost-effective track and trace solutions and serve them with local technical engineers.

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