VISIOTT and TTE Europe Partner to Ensure Traceability of Explosives

VISIOTT and TTE Europe Partner to Ensure Traceability of Explosives

As VISIOTT and TTE Europe cooperation, we brought our experiences together to provide global explosive companies to strengthen their supply chain with our unique traceability expertise. We aimed to help explosive manufacturers to secure their supply chain from the factory to the end-user with traceability solutions.

TTE-Europe offers you global useful track and trace solutions include complete software, matching techniques, and perpetual services for explosives. With wide project management experience as well as competence and qualification, TTE Europe provides the ideal technology adapted to the requirements of potential customers.

VISIOTT Traceability Solutions provides end-to-end traceability solutions for various industries including the explosive industry. With wide experience gained over the years, VISIOTT develops high-performance and compatible serialization and aggregation solutions for production, storage, and shipping processes. Solutions offered by VISIOTT for civilian explosives comply with international standards and regulations such as ATEX and EX-Proof.


We are looking forward to having many projects together. We will continue to bring our all-in-one solutions, which we have prepared with an innovative approach, together with you.

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