VISIOTT and 3Keys GmbH Announce Strategic Partnership

VISIOTT and 3Keys GmbH Announce Strategic Partnership

VISIOTT and 3Keys have started a global strategic partnership with the vision to serve various industries with traceability solutions.

3Keys GmbH is an international IT consulting company focussed on Serialization and Track & Trace. 3Keys develops, delivers, and supports supply chain integrity projects in various industries, such as Life Sciences, Food, Tobacco, and Consumer Goods. The expertise of tens of global T&T projects makes 3Keys a reliable partner with a deep understanding of business practices and clients’ IT landscape.

VISIOTT is the principal provider of end-to-end traceability Solutions for a growing number of industries. VISIOTT offers reliable and high-performance solutions tailored to secure the product supply chain. VISIOTT is proud to be the pioneer of the traceability field with the implementation of the Turkish Track and Trace Regulations in 2009. Since 2009, VISIOTT has implemented more than 600 serialization and aggregation systems gaining the trust of over 100 international clients in various industries.

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3Keys and VISIOTT are the leaders of the traceability industry. This collaboration promises to secure the product supply chain and increase its visibility from manufacturer to consumer. 3Keys’ and VISIOTT’s combined experience will protect the brand image against counterfeit products, improve product quality, and safeguard customers.

With the start of this partnership, we hope for many projects together.

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