Pharma Trackts 2022, Berlin, Germany

Pharma Trackts 2022, Berlin, Germany

One of the biggest events in the world for traceability, Pharma Trackts 2022, was held in Berlin from September 20 to 22. VISIOTT is proud to be a part of Pharma Trackts, with the goal of becoming a pioneer in traceability technologies.

VISIOTT professionals also assisted our guests who came to gather information at our booth, where we lay the groundwork for many relationships. The VISIOTT booth, which provided thorough explanations of the equipment, hardware, and software solutions as well as the first stage of serialization, was lively throughout the entire event.

We would like to thank Pharma Trackts for creating such a pleasant atmosphere for companies involved in serialization and traceability. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

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