FachPack 2021, Nürnberg, GERMANY

FachPack 2021, Nürnberg, GERMANY

Between the 28th and 30th of September, FachPack gave 788 exhibitors the opportunity to demonstrate their innovations in their professional industry or sector face-to-face in Nuremberg. As VISIOTT, we also took advantage of this opportunity and introduced some of our innovative all-in-one solutions to our visitors at our booth at the fair where 24,000 people participated. This global event provided attendees to explore collaboration opportunities and establish new contacts while bringing people, ideas, and technologies together.

VISIOTT has exhibited 5 innovative all-in-one solutions in this gorgeous fair: Semi-Automatic Aggregation Station, Bottle Labeling Station, Carton Serialization with Tamper Evident Labeling, Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Station, and Vial Labeling and Serialization Station.


VISIOTT Semi-Automatic Aggregation Station SMAS-100 station performs the aggregation process using data from serialized products in multiple layers in the case. While its compact design saves space in your company, it is ergonomic with its adjustable touch screen and keyboard. VISIOTT’s Carton Serialization Station with Tamper Evident Labeling ISTTE-200 performs the serialization operation and applies the anti-tampering labels to the front and rear ends of the cartons. VISIOTT Bottle Labeling Station BLS-100 can perfectly realize the labeling needs in all industries. Labeling solutions are provided for bottles of all sizes thanks to our design which can be easily adjusted and customized for different sizes of bottles.

The Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Station PCW-100, which can control pharmaceutical product weights between 5 g and 1000 g at a speed of 300(*) cartons/minute with an accuracy of 0.1 g, can work integrated with traceable production processes. VISIOTT Vial Labeling and Serialization Station VBL-100 performs your labeling and serialization operations for vial type bottles, which are often used in industries such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, at high speed and with high quality.


We look forward to seeing all the participants we met before and the new participants who will join us next year.

We will continue to bring our all-in-one solutions, which we have prepared with an innovative approach, together with you. Do not forget to subscribe to be informed about events and developments!

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