ACHEMA 2022, Frankfurt, GERMANY

ACHEMA 2022, Frankfurt, GERMANY

We are loving the constructive moments we spend with our guests at ACHEMA 2022, where thousands of firms from more than 50 countries are present. ACHEMA 2022, which included manufacturers and service providers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and many other industries; provided a suitable atmosphere for discussions, collaborations, and exchange developments..

All visitors praised the Carton Serialization Station ISS-100, one of VISIOTT’s flagships. Manufacturers who wanted their processes to be practically focused on the Manual Multifunctional Station MMS-100, which simplifies process management in manufacturing, shipment, and storage activities.

ACHEMA 2022 has been quite fruitful for Cariba and us, who share booth space. We’ll keep providing you with our innovative solutions to production operations sustainability.

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