You can watch our previous and scheduled webinars related to TPS technologies, serialization, and aggregation operations, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

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WEBINAR #1: Milestone DSCSA 2023: Requirements, Aggregation, and Challenges

What are the DSCSA requirements? How to implement understandable solutions easily for a properly constructed serialization project? What are the implementation challenges of the DSCSA legislation? How should the correct aggregation solution be for the DSCSA traceability system? You can find a lot of answers as per your requirements in this webinar.


GS1 Healthcare Online Summit – Global Standards for Global Health

What are the contributions of GS1 standards to COVID-19 vaccine administration? How do Ireland, New Zealand, and Turkey manage COVID-19 vaccine administration processes? You can find a lot of information about the effectiveness of GS1 Standards and reliable traceability practices in reliable supply chain management.