VISIOTT Level 3 Track and Trace Software

VISIOTT Plant Manager is an innovative software system managing all serialization Level 3 Track and Trace operations through only one screen. The main function of VISIOTT Plant Manager is to assign product orders into the lines by any EPCIS server or Level 4 solutions. After the work order, it stores the serialization and aggregation data.

This Software is highly compliant with our serialization and aggregation stations together with  Level 3 Track and Trace operations. VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager runs in our serialization and aggregation stations in an efficient way. VISIOTT Plant Manager software easily integrates into different brand serialization and aggregation stations. For this integration, you should have a predefined integration interface of your stations  to run operations.  

If not having a Level 4 solution, VISIOTT Plant Manager operates processes like  master data, product recipe management and work order. VISIOTT Plant Manager software has supported many Level 4 and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) solutions and integrations through this solution.  Furthermore, we can implement software development for new Level 4 or OEE solutions.

Plant Manager software is a perfect assistant for Level 3 Track and Trace  operations to implement aggregation and serialization processes. This process is the first step of your company towards Digital Transformation. Currently, this solution is working in many pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetics and commercial explosive plants  for perfect serialization and aggregation operations. 

For more detailed information, please contact us.  Our experienced experts will support you for your different projects.

VISIOTT Plant Manager software is able to notify data to the authorities of the following countries.
You can reach the regulations of the authorities by clicking on the country flags.

Key Features

  • A ready library support for many Level 4 and ERP system integration.
  • An easy interface through any internet browsers.
  • Creating an XML file and a report for central authority for different regulations.
  • Managing the work order, the recipe management and the master data internally.
  • Providing the traceability of the (lifecycle) serial numbers.
  • Supporting English, German, Russian and Turkish languages as default.
  • EPCIS, FEEM compliant
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • GAMP 5 validated