United Arab Emirates


Authority: Department of Health – Abu Dhabi

Request Source: Regulation

Data Carrier: GS1 Data Matrix

Detail: All approved pharmaceuticals on the list of the Department of Health are subject to this regulation. According to the regulation, companies that produce must be members of the GS1 portal of the United Arab Emirates and upload their product information. GS1 Datamatrix is preferred as data carrier in serialization processes. Products that do not apply 2D code after July 1, 2021, the deadline for Datamatrix implementation, will not be allowed to be included in the supply chain.

  • GTIN
  • Batch/lot
  • Expiry Date
  • Serial Number
  • GLNs

With the latest updates, from 13 December 2022, the actors of the pharmaceutical supply chain must complete the traceability requirements and notify the UAE digital traceability platform Tatmeen. Aggregation is mandatory for Datamatrix in which human readable application and transport units.



United Arab Emirates Regulations

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