Republic of Kazakhstan


Authority: Ministry of Finance / Health

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Data Carrier: GS1 Data Matrix

Details: Kazakhstan included product data matrix in the guidelines published in September 2015. In November of the same year, the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan commissioned GS1 Kazakhstan to carry out the pharmaceutical traceability pilot project. After successful tests, by August 8, 2021, the Ministry of Health proposed 93 products for the first serialization application and gave the date May 2022. However, the timeline was changed and announced as July 1, 2022. According to this announcement:

  • Data matrix for 93 recommended products (covering 1% of drugs in the market): 1 July 2022
  • The list covers 20% of the pharmas on the market: 1 October 2022
  • The list covers 60% of the pharmas on the market: 1 January 2023
  • The list covers 80% of the pharmas on the market: April 1, 2023
  • 100% implementation for pharmas serialization: 1 July 2023


  • GTIN
  • Serial Number
  • Crypto Key
  • Crypto Signature

However, according to the revision of the Labeling and Traceability Rules Decree published by the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, the latest date is set as July 1st, 2024.


Kazakhstan Regulations

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