Republic of Indonesia


Authority: National Agency for Pharmaceuticals and Food Control of the Republic of Indonesia

Request Source: Regulation

Data Carrier: QR Code or DataMatrix

Details: Traceability applications in Indonesia started with QR code in 2018 and over time the GS1 datamatrix was included. Traceability standards may differ according to various product groups. The National Medicines and Food Control Agency adopted the GS1 standards and made serialization and aggregation mandatory. By the end of 2023, an identification code should be applied to all relevant products. Until the end of 2025, an identity verification barcode should be applied to all related products. Thus, it is aimed that all pharmaceutical products will be traceable by 2025.

Coding Requirements:

-GTIN or AI, (distribution permit number)
-Expiry date,
Requirements at tertiary, secondary & primary (including SN) levels


Indonesia Regulations

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