Explosive Track and Trace Solutions

VISIOTT offers highly effective track and trace solutions for the commercial explosive industry. It allows implementation of serialization and aggregation in production, warehouse management and shipment procedures.

All explosives are supposed to be handled with utmost care throughout their life cycle owing to their sensitive safety conditions. Also, these conditions have to be maintained during the process of aggregation and serialization as well as in production, storage and delivery. Our solution has been designed in accordance with the FEEM track and trace regulation requirements.

Below, we have tried to explain the process details of track and trace as much as possible according to their product qualities.

CAP and BOOSTER Sensitive Type Explosive

These kinds of explosives are exposed to contamination, high heat, the risk of explosion and chemical abrasion after printing.

You can implement high efficiency serialization and aggregations through our innovative software designs. We can also manage visible and invisible code applications in our serialization operations. In addition, we present many different designs for conventional and continuous production lines.

ANFO Type Explosives

The production, storage and delivery of ANFO are relatively easy when compared to other explosives. Many sensitive issues must be taken into consideration when dealing with explosive track and trace operations.

Especially, the scenarios such as operations from production to direct market have to be well planned. We offer cost-effective, manual and automatic solutions for serialization and aggregation operations.

DETONATOR Type Explosives

The hardware designed for the serialization and aggregation operations are based on Atex and Ex-proof standards.

We are aware that the wrong designs for explosion-risk products might cause irreparable disasters.

We have successfully completed explosive track and trace projects in many global commercial explosive companies. Currently, we have more than 10 sustainable and efficient hardware designs for these projects. We develop customized designs depending on the operations of our customers.

All the software that we use for all our operations are built inhouse. VISIOTT LINE MANAGER software has been used for serialization and aggregation while VISIOTT PLANT MANAGER software is used for the explosive track and trace processes. 

For more detailed information, please contact our sales representatives.

VISIOTT serialization and aggregation expertise covers the following types of products:

  • ANFO
Explosive Nonel Serialization
explosive track and trace
Datamatrix on Explosive Thm